Carlitittia: Small town recruting new people


Howdy! im Sumol701 and im the town councillor for Carlittia, and i apolagize in advance for any engrish cases in this thread :rolleyes:

We are a rather small town (basicly new) and we are looking for active citizens to help, must more inportantly, chat and have fun with.

Our only standards are being polite and active, no mandatory taxes as of yet or anything like that.

if you fit that description, here's the towns statistics (as of 12-10-2013):

Town Points: 2963
Menber points: 265
Citizens: 3 (one is red, so probably will be just 2 soon :/)

we have room for 2 more people at the moment, altough we have started work on residences and more room should be avaiable soon

If interested please contact me or Carlitta, we are looking forward to having your company :)