Caribbean Sale - feedback


isn't the james wilson set allmost better ?? and that one is free/tombola? or am i missing something?


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Looking at the clothes only:

James Wilson’s clothing

Caribbean clothing

Caribbean set is stronger in defence, than in attack, being a purely defensive set, which says a lot about the designer's game knowledge.
Decent Adventurer set, no one else should use this.
I wish Trapping was replaced with Leadership - but also that should wait for a tombola where more than 5% of players can get it.

J. Cortina clothing

Still not as good as Cortina for defences. But that's not necessarily a bad thing since we need stronger attacks.

Dr Roth

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lulu they did nerf Caribbean bonus so it has 8.5 def instead of 7. not that is changes a lot


Caribbean cloth has highest HP and hiding I have seen in a tank set so far, but no leadership, which is not unimportant for tanks. Defense and resistance is average at best. I might have tried it if available as upgradable event set on attack, but I don't spend any nuggets on it. A nugget tank set should be outstanding, such as Union officer for damager was.


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Both sets that are coming on sale seem rather expensive and underwhelming. Would not recommend anyone to buy these.


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Is there a reason why the sets are continuing to be crap this year including the nugget ones? Also I have to mention the latest upgrading of the old shirts has been kinda disappointing as well since there were at least a few old hats that were OP in comparison.


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Company doesn't want OP stuff (apart from, cough, DotD, cough) but can't find the mid-way either.

What happens when people in charge does random stuff without knowledge.


I would imagine they dun want to make more overpowered items. so they are searching for sets they can fit in between the gaps.
However those will allways be sub optimal, because we compare them to the current op ones.

If their new strat is more focussing on new worlds and only sell more balanced sets. it would be understandable to have this as a pay to win set. but then in a new world u also need to stop the tombolas for getting old sets. to not currupt that focus.

If we look at it now. if they would switch the cortina set and the carribean stats for example. everyone would say it's a pay to win set then it's op. but as a marketing standpoint its worth to buy the set also then. only those players who have cortina now will be a bit hurt.

Victor Kruger

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:lol: and this folks is why i prefer much less populated worlds for fort battles when you can still move about, attack with some variety of strategy and keep things a lot more unpredictable.

ahh well inflation on assets are going up in the real world perhaps inno thinks £100 for a clothing set that will be outclassed in a year will be popular enough..cant see the value or point myself, just like the other over powered sets bore the pants off me ( pun intended for the oldies ) but hey ho no ones spending on going out etc atm so maybe thats the thinking behind the silly prices...thanks for the opportunity but ill pass thx.

Looks pretty tho :-D