Caption The Picture

Roman Gods

Caption the Picture:cool:

-24 hours or 48 hours to submit entries, time varies due to number of entries and host's online time
-Entries MUST obey Forum Rules
-Only 1 entry per picture
-Person who won the last time cant post again but he judges the entries.(I can judge the 1st one)
-I will post the picture every 1 or 2 days
-5 Points for 1st
-2 Points for 2nd
-1 Point for 3rd

Lets see who gets 100 points first.

Alright the 1st picture-

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Roman Gods

alright i'll give it a try but it wont count-

"Hi there, darlin'. I see you're not from around these parts ...":p

Roman Gods

Roman Gods

Sorry for the delay,but I promise I'll make sure that all results are declared within 48 hours(provided there are enough entries)

Now,the next picture-

Guys,remember the last winner cant enter this round since he has to judge the entries.:)


Let's play dead...maybe they won't notice me...:p
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Roman Gods

Representatives of Microsoft finally sort out their competitor issues with Linux.:D:D:D