Can't upload image to Town


Founded a new town in Galveston by taking over a Ghost Town, and for some reason I can't upload a new image.
Every time I try, it comes up with the previous owner's picture instead of my image.

Any ideas?


Addition... the image I'm trying to upload is the right size, 220x150... and is only 50KB.
I've tried JPG, PNG, which according to the game is ok... but still nothing.


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It's a caching issue indeed, as long as you don't see an error message the image is uploaded correctly, but as the old version is still in your cache you'll keep seeing that one until your browser requests an updated version.


And for most... it is better to today delete old logo pic and wait 24 hrs to upload new pic...

Same thing happens with forts and placing up a new pic up on fort... (and later on i never cleared cache before retry... delete old, set new it up tmrw works)... i came up to a conclusion it isn't my pc issue (or my browser), but game delay issue..
EDIT: Clearing cache didn't work on upload of new pic for forts