Can we make the Candles sellable?

Big John1970

I know - technically - this is not a bug, but excess 'Candles' from the Birthday event are stuck in our inventories. They cannot be auctioned nor can they be sold to the shop or the Travelling Merchant.
Is there any way the status of them can be changed a la the Easter clothing items? Even if they have a selling-price of zero, at least we would have the option of getting rid of them rather than being stuck with them for the rest of our lives.

P.S. If you need to move this to another thread, sorry and feel free.

Big John1970

Thanks. Wasn't sure. I hope they do make it so we can get rid of them as I am pretty anal about stuff like that. :)


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I only use about 10% of my inventory everyday and the rest are just junk for me to look at :D