Can I kill people?


I'm from Tribal Wars, and the only thing I care about is killing people, taking taking what's theirs, and making them start over (rimming players.)

Do I get to do that here, or is this one of those farming/leveling games?

Black Jack

You can kill people. Rather, knock them out. When that happens, you get one-third of their cash, they lose the rest, and you get experience equal to their dueling level. You cannot, however, take their items. It costs 10 energy to be on the offensive, but the guy you wish to duel, the defender, doesn't lose any energy.

Also, if you do not knock them out by the time the duel is over, they stay alive, get to keep the other two-thirds of their cash, but you still reap the same rewards.


Are there limitations on who I can duel, or can somebody "opt out?"

Working for money sucks. I'd rather just steal it. :p

Black Jack

You cannot duel someone who is out of range of 5 levels of you. Also, you need to be a resident of a town and so does the other person if you wish to duel. Lastly, both of your towns need a mortician in order to duel.

After those requirements are filled, you are allowed to duel anybody and they cannot decline(according to the guide). You must visit your opponents town in order to duel him. He can be wherever, though.
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So if you do not join a town no one can attack you and steel your money??? Or is there another way for a person to take your money?


Not unless they cheat or something else comes out... this is only beta.