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Welcome to the Campfire Stories section. This section is here to show off short stories you've written and to RolePlay with other members of the community. There are guidelines to posting in this section that aren't normally part of the forum rules so that things run here smoothly. For your convinience, these rules are broken up into 3 sections: Rules for Stories, Rules for RPs, and Rules for both.

Campfire Section Rules

Rules for Stories

All stories must go in the Storybook thread. Any stories outside of this thread will be counted as spam, treated as such, then moved to the correct thread. This is to keep all stories in a place that is easily accessible, and just creates a greater sense of order in the section.

All stories are subject to be rated. If you don't want your story to be rated, you must state that somewhere in your post.

When rating a story, you must explain WHY you are giving it the rating you did. This makes it constructive rather than either a put down or a build up. Any posts simply saying "10/10" or such will be counted as spam.

Rules for RolePlays

No God-Modding. This is when your character is more powerful than possible within the constraints of the RP.​

No Meta-Gaming, So if you are meta-gaming, you are using knowledge your character could not possibly have in that RP.

If you already have a character in a Role-Playing Thread and the OP has not specifically said it is ok to do so do NOT create another. Your original Character must leave corresponding with the thread.

If you have an out of context comment, question, or other out of context statement, also contribute to the RP at the same time. Any more pure OOC posts will be counted as spam.

No controlling other's characters. There're plenty of ways to have quality posts without taking control of others, and it takes away from the person who loses control of their character, as they no longer get to truly choose what's going on with them. (This does not apply to OP driven stories if the OP is trying to further the plot).

Every RP post MUST have at LEAST 3 quality sentences to not be counted as spam. This does NOT include any dialogue. This is to ensure all posts are of the top-notch quality that RPers have come to expect from their fellows.

The OP has the ability to control other people's characters to prevent an RP from dying if and only if the person has been gone (no forum activity) for at least 4 days, the character is crucial for plot development, and the owner of said character has not explicitly asked for the character to not be controlled by anyone else.

Rules for both Stories and RolePlays

No personal insults, although insults between characters are allowed as long as they don't break any of the forum rules.​

No profanity, This goes down to starring out words or using acronyms, don't do it.​

Please keep all sexual themes to PG 13 levels. This is so that people of all ages can be comfortable here. I am the final judge on what is or is not considered this level.

NO double posting. Even if you have started a thread and then want to immediately make your character, use ---------- or ___________ to separate your sheet from the intro, rules and the like. Also, no more posts that just say (can we start) or the like. This goes for stories too. If you have more than one story you want up at the same time, separate them obviously rather than making two posts. The ONLY reason you may double post is if your introduction to an RP is so long you need two posts to contain it all. However, the RP must be legitimate for it to be exempt. Any double posts made that are not under the exemption are spam and will be treated as such.

You are allowed to mention religion in RPs and stories. HOWEVER, if you bash any religion for any reason, including your character in an RP or story it will be counted as insulting other members. People are entitled to their own beliefs without being insulted.​

Examples of what's allowed and what is not for both Stories and RPs

This is not allowed, Example:​

Person X said:
The man heard the woman speak, and was instantly aroused.

This is counted as spam that adds nothing to the roleplay. A possible revision of this is:
Lord Regal's revision said:
Person X saw Woman B nearby. She spoke, and shivers ran down his spine. Something about her was unique...he had to talk to her. He began devising a way to meet her.

This has the same effect, since the original point is carried through still, but it adds depth and continues the story, since now person X must find a way to meet Woman B.​

This is also not allowed, example:​

Person Z said:
While the others cowered in fear, Person Z calmly stepped up and aimed his gun at the advancing monsters. They all launched themselves at him simultaneously. Before they could reach him, however, he shot them all, killing every last one. He smiled and turned back to his friends.

This is counted as God-Modding (Spam) which gives the person who is god modding unfair advantage over the other roleplayers. Person Z is able to beat enemies that all others in the roleplay fear extensively with ease, giving him an unfair advantage.​

For example, If the thread creator says "It's based in the west" That means no atomic bombs, No machine guns.​

This is what is allowed​

good said:
x entered the tavern a heavy smell of sweat and alcohol swept over his face, x cringed his nose and carried on walking into the tavern reaching the bar maid he noticed she had a concealed knife hanging from her sleeve or maybe it was the blood coming from the sleeve where she cut her self too many times.

It describes whats going on around in the story, It describes what the chracter smells sees and hears, This is what is expected for both stories and RolePlays.​


I don't mean to be the grammar basher, but please try and use the proper words not just acronyms. "U" is not tolerated and I expect at least three lines with a decent description and something that fits story line posted in the thread. This is a story section, not off-topic. Proper spelling and grammar are a large part of what makes being part of Roleplaying and reading stories fun. No one wants to have to struggle through almost intelligible gibberish to derive the meaning from it. Also, NO variations of English. This includes lolcats, pig latin, etc. Any variation (unless used as code in an RP WITH specific information that proves it is being used as such) will be counted as spam. I reserve the right to act on any post I feel is not in compliance with this rule.

The Roleplaying section isn't a place for spam or an easy way to get your post count up, but a place to have fun with other people who enjoy the same kind of experience you do.

The most important rule of all though, is...HAVE FUN. This section is of a more lighthearted cast than most other sections. The people who post here are nice, and you will make friends as long as you adhere to the rules and don't be derogatory to others.

Ways to Resolve Issues in the Section

If you have any questions regarding these rules, please feel free to ask me. If you have suggestions or if you think I overlooked something, I will also accept possible additions to the rules. Please feel free to approach me on any topic regarding these rules, and I will consider your request.​

While I am on frequently, I may miss a problem in a thread. If you come across an issue that I have not taken care of yet, please feel free to use the report system. I will take care of the problem as soon as possible.​

Please read the forum rules before posting.

If you're new to the section, please take the time to look at the Intro to RPing RP to learn the ropes.

Thank you​

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