Attempting todo the Clothing introductory mission, It will not accept that I have added the clothes. Have tried to refresh page, log out and log in but to no avail. Left an email last night about 7.5 hours ago and no one responded....anyone there??!!


Course have done it, tried putting the boots on too but to no avail.


It seems to be working for me...

That's like the second mission, so I'd recommend clearing out your browser cache, restarting your browser and trying to complete the mission, and if that doesn't work, try creating a new account.

I'm sure you're clever enough to come up with a cool name in the case that you can't keep your current one. How about the "Wolfish Bandit"?


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I had to completely close all the windows and re-open it to be able to complete it. I wasn't sure if it was the game being a bit buggy in its infancy or my own significant lack of brain power.

Celc Festus

I had too many in game windows open. But when I clicked the xxx's and closed them all out, then reopened the inventory, I found that I could put the clothes on.
Try this before you cancel your account.