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    Bug Report Template

    Due to the complexity of the game, it is often hard for us to identify potential bugs in the game. It is therefore necessary we obtain some extra information regarding both the bug experienced and your system conditions.

    This template is designed to ensure all necessary information regarding the bug is incorporated in your threads. This means the team can help identify and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    Please copy the template below and paste it in your bugreport. Try to answer all the questions.

    Please set the prefix of your thread to new so we easily see that there is a new bug reported

    Always use this template when reporting a bug!


    In-game name: (If different to your forum username.)
    Affected worlds: (Please list each individual worlds.)
    Browser: (List all affected browsers you have tried, also note if any browser does work properly. Include version information, eg Chrome 8.0.552.200 beta.)

    Type of Bug: (Select from below.)
    • Job
    • Quest
    • Duel
    • Fort
    • Chat
    • Market
    • Connection
    • Other
    Try to be as specific as possible. Include any screen clips if you have any.

    I have already hard refreshed my browser. (This can be done by pressing Ctrl + F5 on Windows or ⌘ + F5 on Macs.)
    I have already consulted the Bugs FAQ.
    I have searched if the bug has been reported before.
    If applicable, I have tried disabling all browsers addons, userscripts and extensions.
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