Briscoe Server down?

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Rick OCoileaine

Stuck on bootstrapping loader, doesn't even get to loading 1%. Anyone else haveing this problem on Briscoe? Colorado works fine fyi, just tried it to see...

Rick OCoileaine

Still unable to log in Can anyone else confirm this problem?


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Briscoe won't load past 18% and a black screen right now.

Correction: After two hours of unsuccessful attempts to log in to Briscoe, I managed to get in by switching from Chrome to Internet Explorer. Still able to get to all five of my other accounts with Chrome, no idea why this is happening.

Cleared Chrome's browser history, and now today Briscoe finally loads like normal. Irritating, but resolved.
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Doc Paine

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It has happened to me on W12 yesterday, and now on Arizona today - exactly the same thing as you have described - so it could be a server issue or INNO are working on something through all worlds.