Briscoe County Trading Thread



I'm looking for Roses and Peace Flowers.
Shoot me a PM and I'll buy as manyas you'll sell


If anyone ever comes across a brew aiming elixir recipe they would like to sell, drop me a line. Thank you. :)


I have a spare Al Swear belt i'm willing to sell -- accepting items and cash so let me know an offer. Looking for offers of or worth at least 350k


Briscoe has an in-game, world-wide, non-Alliance based trading forum.
You might get better results posting there than here.


Buying Howdah Pistol / Golden Tomahawk / Boone's Axe (2) / Tashunka's Tomahawk

Also if you have products in decent sized quantities (20 or more) and they are commonly used in crafting I am probably more than willing to buy them.


Selling some stuff including key 3, see my profile in game for the list.

Key 3 now gone but still got some interesting stuff available.
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TaskoV --

You might get better action/response making this post in the in-game Briscoe Market forum. If your town does not have an invite to it, telegram me.


I'm looking for JJ jacket for a cheap price. Can anyone help?


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Black Friday Came Early

Lets call it Wicket Wednesday.
Tons of the good stuff on the market, let the bidding begin, I need to raise a bit of cash.
From wood to Inno's belt on the market and many, many name items in between.