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Without cupid's set, got the 3 bouquets by picking berries, working 15s jobs. In 3 worlds I got the three bouquets after 4, 6 and 6 jobs, respectively.


I have not heard of anyone finding more than three this year, it may be a case, like me, of finding you have 4 or more in inventory (after finding three this year), because you forgot you found 1 or 2 last year and never used them??

so, asking in advance, as I was never clear, will a new character be able to find 10 in this event, or is it now 3 max for everyone?
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thanks Rip. I think it is 3 for new guys too. I did it in Beta just now (as a new toon) , and dropped 3 in first 4 tries ( pick berries) then none in 6 more tries.


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hi mtc, glad to see you didn't delete afterall. i think it was a one time only thing that devs let us get 10 bouquets, pretty much a token like some of the non repeatable holiday gear (lover set, bunny set, etc.). rest of the seasons, we get 3 and that's it.


140 x 15s picking berries, with 50 wearing Cupid's set and nothing. Is there a glitch for some people?


Looks like people that got the first batch of bouquets on the year they where inserted into the game cannot drop any more. Only people that are below the 12 (or 15) since it was available to be found. On my oldest worlds i couldn´t get any. On the newer worlds i got the 3 pretty fast (6 to 10 jobs).


Hm, would have been nice if we could get confirmation on this. (hint, hint, wink, wink)

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Bouquets. Confirm there IS a problem and what that problem is. ANYTHING!
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WHY is there no word from Inno about this clearly bugged event??

People keep looking for these bouquets without finding any.

Fix it. Confirm there IS a problem and what that problem is. ANYTHING!

Today is Sunday, and yesterday was Saturday...

I am not expecting a response to this until at least noon server time on Monday, when the development team is back in work after the weekend, and when they have had a chance to investigate and fix the problem.

I know it is frustrating for players, especially those active over the weekend, but we are just unlucky that the quest started on a weekend and will have to wait for an answer. Not getting a bouquet for 2 days isn't going to be the end of the world, and I am sure they would extend the campaign by 2 days if there is indeed a problem.

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I got 3 bouquets today while picking berries on Arizona 4 - 1 hour jobs.

Edit but on my other 4 worlds I was not able to find any.
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German CM about the problem:

In anderen Sprachversionen haben die Spieler das gleiche Problem, anscheinen finden nur Spieler die Blumensträuße, die früher noch keine gefunden haben. Ob das so gewollt ist oder nicht, haben wir bereits angefragt. Bitte rechnet nicht vor Montag mit einer Aufklärung.

Free translation of the bold faced bit:

Don't expect any explanation before Monday.


This whole bouquet duels is just too bugged and full of problems to even have it.

So you Inno want give some valentine fun bonus for players? Yeah have two players who both have bouquets on to duel each other. There is so many things that can go wrong and you end up without any skill points. Where is fun with that? All you get is annoyed people with it.

Like after duel you character still shows having bouquet in hand, can't even change it to normal weapon. Like whole game is pressing magic F5/refresh to make things happen.

Also it's great Inno gives nice little bonus for those who did not have any problems with getting bouquets at all, while those who used lots of time and energy trying to find bouquets - with 0% chance of getting any - gets "Thank you for you support" and money, if applicable.

Thanks for neg rep, but without my post there would not be any compensation :D

So you are welcome.

"Due to some complaints we've received about loss of energy trying to find bouquets and weren't able to - we have decided to provide compensation to our players.

Starting on Friday morning 20/02/2015 00:01 AM until Friday evening 20/02/2015 23:59 PM, energy regeneration will be increased by 50%. This means your energy bar will fill 50% faster than it usually does for both premium and non premium players."
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