Bonus Code Giveaway!

CZV fighter

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yeah that'd be cool, since a lot of players are here and ready to type in the codes, and for a 200 players, 5-6 codes are nothing :/

Pankreas PorFavor

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but within each one ,some opened 4 or more boxes? inno belts etc. a few have posted 3-4 items found. i think i'll let kids feed themselves next time when these are running!! :)
Da Twista posts 10 codes - copy one, get a steel chest. That is one campaign. other codes from that post don't work, even if you are fast enough to try one before anyone else does.
refresh the forum... nothing. refresh again a minute or two later.. refresh.. refresh.. a few more minutes later, Da Twista posts another batch of codes. copy/paste - too late! try the second one, third one, none of the codes work because others have used it...
third batch of codes - quick c/p - get a premium chest, and nothing else because this batch is one campaign and you can get only one reward.
so you miss a few campaigns, but catch a few others. this time I got 5 (4 chests and a HP elixir)!!! in all my previous life in the west in total I got 3... some days are just like that :)