Bonds for dueling.

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Alright admins, I realize there was a guy who already posted his idea but I have a few twists. First of all, I suggest 1-2 bonds per win and maybe some extra for a K.O? It will help the duelers afford to reset their stats if they really wanted to. As it is bonds are hard to come buy and saving up for 600 by nuggets is tough. This will not only help duelers get more flexibility but will also increase the motivation to duel. Us having to wait for the 15 nuggets is rubbish.

Per duel give 2 bonds for a win and 1 extra for a K.O. However, add a cap to where players cannot farm this system. This will allow more duelers to reset to FF and will increase the desire to duel. Give it some extra help. :p

Abuse Prevention
Users with below 30% dueling motivation will gain NO bonds on a win OR K.O. Users will have a daily duel-bond cap at 16 to make it even with fort fighting. This cap will discourage the use of spamming coffee and/or motivation increasing items.

This will increase the competition between duelers and allow more flexibility in the community.

Thank you for taking your time to read.

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I do not like it. As it is, dueling gives more xp per day than a fort fight if you are a xp dueler. Besides, now that the level caps are added to quests, it is easy to quest and job and make your bonds through daily activity. Giving bonds just because of wins will cause everyone to turn dueler and they will lose all interest on fort fights.

You do not have my vote.



An huge problem with that a good dueller can win up to 10 duels day(to say the least)
if he is top u are talking at 2 bonds for win * 10 = 20 bonds and if he KO 5 win 25 bonds
after that he energy is 0 so he go to fort fight where we could win more 10/15 bonds so he wins 40 bonds, if u add more 3/4/5 bonds for daily quest u are talking of a player win a bout 45 bonds per day or 200 week that i think is just too much, but because im a dueller i acept idea and would like see trying in beta at least


Ye, i agree with legend killer. I'm a duler too so i wouldn't mind having a few bonds.


I reject the proposal, but not the idea of bods for duels. 16 bonds for 8 wins per day + a fort battle can give you an average of 25 bonds per day if you are that lucky. However, comparing it to a fort battle, where a non-fighter can win 8 bonds on average is a bit high. I would be more than happy with a possible bond per duel, win or loss.

Say if you are duelled by someone and you win, you should get a bond, if you loose you have 50% chance of getting a bond for your troubles. If you attack and loose you don't get any bonds, if you attack and win, you get one bond. Cap it at 10.

See what other suggestion you might get and then if you are willing to lower those bonds, I am giving you my vote, but as the proposal stands, I think it's a bit too much.


Maybe there should be a cap. A really good 0 mot can crank out 35+ wins a day- and if ko's got 2 bonds, that's ~50-60 bonds. That's rather a lot.


I like that idea - especially with a cap, but if you gain 0 xp then you shouldn't gain any bonds ... win or lose. Zero mot dueling has been a loop hole in this game from the beginning. How can anyone win ten or more duels in a day and not gain any experience. They are clearly gaining experience and learning to duel better. Their points just don't reflect that experience. The entire purpose of experience points is to express in numerical terms a player's experience level in the game. We don't need to close that loop hole. We could just use a bond as a reward for any winning duel with one or more earned experience points. This incentive will very likely correct this gap in the game. After all, you cannot collect a dozen bonds from fort fighting in a single day without gaining thousands of experience points.


i say no... again this proposal been posted 2-3-4? times already and got rejected every time doesn't the idea form has the part where you must check if an idea haven't been proposed before?

+ duelling already gives bonds, 2 duels give 1 bond per day!

and dueller can go fortfight themselves as well and get bonds that way as well if you don't wanna, well no bonds for you


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I think dueling should be awarded more bonds but in order to be good it needs to be balanced. Put the cap on 10 bonds where every duel win gives 1 bond. You cant get more then 10 bonds and if you want more bonds then go FF!

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Hello! As far as I knew this was NOT just a questing game but also a load of other stuff. I'm still against the idea though.


All i'm saying is 0% dulers should be able to buy an energy buff that doesn't raise their dueling motivation.


just read that thread, heck even the thread title is nearly identical to this one, been discussed and rejected before, there been named 0 new arguments in here for why we should go through it again(heck even the proposal in that old thread was a lot better then this one).

like i said before on the idea form there is also the part has this been suggested before, in this case YES! search buttons are not that hard to find