Block Persistant Duelers


All answers will work concerning your bully. The best one is just go townless for awhile, level up, reskill a little......and come back with your pistola blazing for some revenge. Not sure where your homeworld is, but shoot me a pm sometime, I may know some peeps that can help.

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oh also if you have a ko bounty on yourself, then going townless will not help I believe... unless it has changed.

Its best to go townless before someone does put a bounty on you. :)


oh also if you have a ko bounty on yourself, then going townless will not help I believe... unless it has changed.

Its best to go townless before someone does put a bounty on you. :)

Any bounty, to my knowledge.


You need to get a dueller friend who will camp him for a few weeks and KO him every 48 hours. You need someone considerably higher level, but a similar duelling level to do this easily. Ask around your town or alliance.


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Not saying this is you but a lot of people need to look at themselves,they talk a lot of smack at someone or insult them and then whine when that player takes offense and starts ko you every day.Some talk a lot when townless then join a town and that person remembers you lol.I know its just a game so dont take it to heart and just be nice to other players goes a long way,make friends and they will help you out if they can.Put a high bounty on that player and have your dueler friends get him for you lol.maybe after he is koed over and over he will leave you alone.Its a pvp game so its part of the game you have to deal with or go townless and never worry about it.Only problem I have is a certain class in this game shouldnt be dueled or be able to duel and thats workers.I think they are seting ducks and unfair to them.Thats like back in the old west killing a towns folk which would have been a murder,and you should get a automatic bounty on you for it. When I see a worker whine about this,i kinda understand,but the rest of us should be open to geting koed lol.


I agree having dueler friend. But I dont carry much cash and make it worthless for them to kill you. The 48 hours free time is great but does suc when your town is on other side of map. It's part of the game and there are annoying ppl in every game out there. Get some good gear and good gun kickhis and he will leave you alone. Beat him then camp him for a few times :).

Oh , I forgot to mention. I strongly believe they should block worker building in town from getting dueled. That is cheesy and done just to be annoying. Out doing job is fair game for the possible cash :)
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Micky, while I'm not saying I agree with your idea, I AM saying IF your idea were to be implemented, then blocking a player from dueling another player should only be done using the following algorithm:

Player 1 duels Player 2 until he or she gets KO'ed. Player 1 cannot duel Player 2 for the rest of the week. After the week is up, then Player 1 can duel Player 2 again until Player 2 gets KO'ed again. The process repeats itself.

Note: In the above scenario the '7-day cool-down period' starts immediately after Player 2 gets KO'ed by Player 1.

The above scenario MIGHT be helpful to some players who are easy targets however, this is only a possible scenario and is not likely to be implemented, even if somebody like me were to propose it as a possible idea.

So keeping the above in mind, it is always best for a player being dueled often by one particular player to ignore said player. If this doesn't work, then your best bet is to go townless. There are some people who think the constant 48-hour self-KO technique works, however, it only allows for a player to accumulate a limited amount of money before he or she has to bank it before knocking themselves out. A third option, as people have pointed out is to re-skill and then give the dueler a taste of his or her own medicine. And finally, the fourth option is to issue a bounty on his or her head wanted DEAD. If somebody collects the bounty for you and you want more vengeance, then put ANOTHER bounty on his or her head.

I am repeating what everybody else posted in order to drill these tactics into your head, Micky. And on this note, I wish you the best of luck in your travels throughout the Wild West...And wild it is!


I had that problem on a world some months ago.
The only way i got to take him out was reskilling.
Most of those low motivation duellers raise 1 level each 30 days of play. So you will get to a similar attribute-skills level very fast if you use the 48h duel protection. When you are ahead of him, reskill (1000 upbs) and go after him for a week.

The one that attacked me everytime since he knew that would get a ko each 2 times he duelled me... when i started to send him packing, he deleted the account in less than 2 weeks. It was a simple bully that was messing around... when he started to get pounded he just "runned away".

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Thankyou for your responses - i KO myself every 2 days now, which is a pain the bum but hey ho - my main gripe is there`s no where that tells you (and i know about the TW-DB site) exactkly what you need in the clothing ect to actually do batter and improve yourself OH and being beaten by some1 with a pillow 20 levels lower doesnt help either - there`s been good replies so i am ok with t he idea being pooped on (by some) :blink:


When dueled it's best to walk away and do what you can to avoid it. Personal communication may end up with repeated dueling - people duel for a reason often for fun. It's all part of the game - sometimes we happen to 'live' next door to a town where repeated dueling is a way of life. It's tough Micky but suck it up and move on.
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