Block Persistant Duelers

Micky Davies

(right i hope i am doing this right forgive if its not ok) :unsure: I think there should be a facility to be able to block players who constantly duel you for what ever reason

Let me start by saying i am not against dueling, i duel myself - at the moment tho there is one player who constantly duels me knowing he will win - which i feel is unfair and very annoying - so the ability to block him would be a good thing

As said above 1 player always dueling and KOing you i feel is not fair and ruins the game, least for me it does, i really enjoy the game but since this one player it`s not so good

Abuse Prevention
To prevent people abusing the ability to block player being abke to suell you is to put a limit of say 15 or 20 players blocked at any one time (would still leave plenty of other able to duel you)

I hope this is ok and i feel its a good idea :)


LOL if that player KO's you, you're 48h protected, right?
sorry i don't like this idea.

Micky Davies

My point was the ones who are waiting to get you again soon as the 48 hours are up which is the issue that i am having

Micky Davies

NO i mean the ones like this particular player who`s name i wont mention - for the past 2 months he has KOd me then waited for the 48hrs to explire then come again and repeat and repeat and repeat - there was a time i KO`d myself to avoid this but have thought why should i THEM are the ones i mean - i have been dueled by others once maybe even twice but not toi the extent of this one player THOSE i feel you should be able to block from dueling you - I hope this explains it


Than how will you determine that stalker of you for other players to block?

He probably has a duelling list to keep his motivation low. He just goes through this list every day and KO's a lot of ppl from that list. This is probably no personal issue. Duelling is part of the game and yes, weaker ppl are a nice target for duellers, bad luck you are one.

Be happy you got 48h protection. As a fortfighter, I got KO'd a lot more than you and got duelled in between :p

Micky Davies

I am not saying other players should block em on your say so, ME personally should be ab,le to block a player who is constantly harrassing you - deliberatly coming after me just to KO me - i know dueling is part of the game - but surely targeting someone to KO them all the time is a tad bit unfair - It ruins the game for those who arent into being dueled and there are a lot about i know cos i have communicated with them, some just play the game for quests and doing the jobs.
And yes it is personal issue because i have asked him nicely to leave me be but wont, others i have asked in the past have done so - this player is a bully! and you should be able to block bullies


Welcome to The (Wild) West, a PvP game. Harassing is a part of the game, if you decided to build your skills for everything else than dueling, you got nothing to whine about. Leave town if you want to farm in peace.

Other countermeasures:
- Put a bounty on him.
- Join a town\alliance with active duelers to protect you.
- Go to fort battles and make some friends.

Micky Davies

Go townless and it costs a lot more to bank your money - better idea still find a game that doesnt allow bullying cos thats what one player constantly harrassing another is waiting for your 48hrs to be up - here`s an example - friday the obessive KOd me sunday he tried to duel me while i was asleep - i went to a job he dueled me but didnt KO i went to a town to sleep just after t he hour weas up he tried to duel - i then build up my health points enough to try and travel to a fort fight i wanted to take part in but OH NO mr obsessed had to KO me how can you say thats fair and "part of the game" where`s the enjoyment for me in this? i dont play the game to be this pratts target, I am wondering how many times this week he`s checked to see if i am still in vacation mode its THAT i am saying is wrong!!!


You can easily get a KO from a job (not even a duel!!) in 15s with 1 energy point, if you want to sleep, save that one point, KO yourself, refill your energy in the hotel/barracks and you're 48h protected. Nuff Said.

Also if you manage to put a bounty on him, wanted dead, with a little bit of maths you can be protected for 4 full days!

Townless, why bank your money? Buy things, don't get KO from jobs.


Well, if I could blacklist/block 15 people from dueling me, literally no one could duel me.. that would be rather overpowered. Use job KO's, that's what most people do. Odds are good there is no malice in the dueler's actions, they just need to lower their motivation and you are a low level, consistent win.


If this player keeps coming after you, I know the feeling very well and there is only two things you can do: Reskill specifically for him and show him a bit of his own medicine, but if you are unable to do that (too big a character lvl difference between you) then unfortunately the only action is to go townless or keep under KO which prevents you from duelling other people. There is no chance this proposal will pass even with 1 blocked player limit.

I am sorry that you have to endure such actions, but I've gone through the very same thing and there is nothing else you can do. Because duelling is a game feature, you cannot call his actions bullying even though they are classified as such. Ask some friends to try and KO this player if nothing else gives, or go townless for a while and then rejoins, see if that breaks the harassment, however the most effective is to reskill and KO him a few times, he'll leave you alone once he realize that you are not a sheep anymore.

That being said, if you are a dueller that relentlessly going after the same target and the target asks you to stop duelling them because you are ruining their game, I advise to stop and give them a chance.

Good Feather

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A strategy I also used when being farmed... go to the other side of the map. Typically duelers will not go to the ends of the Earth to find you. Farmers have a set of people they want to farm daily.

Granted you will still get dueled from time to time but if you move and make them have to chase you then at least your making them work for the duel.

And in my case it worked for me... though I didnt whine and taunt the dueler who was farming me. If you reply to their telegrams or send them telegrams they know they have you running scared.

Just ignore the duels and bank often they will eventually get bored and if not then go townless for a few months and then come back and see if they forgot about you or not.

silence is golden

Micky Davies

Who says i whined and taunted them - i tried to ignore them which i am still doing -


so if you Ignore them, it can't be difficult to take distance from it?

I think there are enough possibilities to avoid that player you have an issue with.
You won't get any support here for your idea.

Joseph Malone

Don't feel that way Micky, there are plenty other players that have been as frustrated with this issue as you are. But there is good advice for you in this thread too.

Remember the joke about the 2 friends being chased by a lion? (one stops to put on his running shoes, friend scoffs saying you won't outrun a lion in those, he says I don't have to, I just have to outrun you)

you don't have to be a great dueller, just stop being an easy target, and your farmer "bully" will find someone else to harrass. Good luck, mate! ;)


yeah I read somewhere they are considering a duel off switch not connected to townlessness until then just job ko


yeah I read somewhere they are considering a duel off switch not connected to townlessness until then just job ko

Not sure where you read that, the only place I ever saw it was as a suggestion by a player in our own Ideas & Brainfarts section. But that rumour is false, and any such feature would mark the end of The West.