Blame it on TUG!

I blame myself for playing a game called "Plague Inc", as a result new epidemic plagues are in the loose as you can see. The game is about strategically infecting everyone with a plague (for example a bacteria or nano virus etc.) Than you need to kill everyone with same plague in order to win.


Tiger is dead. Zemmy grew irritated at his constantly being blamed and killed Tiger as a result.
I blame myself for making getting zem confused as he now blame tiger.

[report=86604168c164833015]Job report: Pony-Express[/report]

(w11, you got robbed by a bandit you lose 42 health points while you didn't lose anything else but how did my character get robbed by only losing hp?? I think now I confused the bandit because I think he gave me cash instead of robbing, see I told you I make peeps so confused that even robbers are now giving out money!~)

I blame myself for that!

Some robbers actually rob peeps to support their family, maybe this robber is rich!

Too many conclusions, assumptions and this makes peeps confused :D.
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