blacksmith 101/650?

Chewable ant

Earlier i noticed that when I crafted a knife/blade/pan/graphite, i stopped getting points.
new(ish) to the game, how do I get the crafting inthe yellow and green again;)


You'll need new recipes. With each 50 points you move up in crafting level, you'll have the opportunity to learn new recipes. You can find those recipes via job drops, chests and the market.

New recipes are typically yellow, and therefore provide a skill point more times than not.

Chewable ant

Thank you for your help Motag8tor!
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That's out of date, there are a couple of new recipes in all professions that aren't on their respective Wiki pages. For the most part it should be accurate enough though.



I have two Blacksmith recipe's in my possession...need to have a crafting skill off 350 tho..darn:unsure:

I have a skill level of 64 and will provide a higher learning recipe for a low cost at my town in Nazereth...

This may help at any level, as you will not have to look for them and travel to far...I'll keep one for myself obviously lol:rolleyes:

If you spend crafting skills on Blade's, you will gain skill point's...may take a few day's, but you will be able to learn skill full recipe's at a lower level...
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Crafting recipes....stuck at 300...

Where can I find Create a handle...I'm stuck at 300 crafting points....thanks