Black treasure part 2


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New quest-line: "Black Treasure (part 2)"
Go back to the old mine to find out more about the black treasure and the mysterious preacher. The Story continues!
A new quest-line containing 15 quests is now available for all players level 135 or higher who were able to unlock and finish part 1 already!
For finishing the final quest the achievement "Your black treasure" is being awarded.

I move back to the old mine, but no quest. We must dream the quest ???


i'd like to know his hp also... lost a few duels. he must have set hp. i did almost 1k damage with headshots but the git still lives

Mustang Kate

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pounded away on that guy with all sorts of combos, I have heard you
need to do 2k damage on him in one duel, to beat him. Not worth
the frustration imho.