Black letter


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I've been inactive for 2-3 months straight and I never received anything and I've been quite active ever since, it would be nice if the active players also got rewarded because chances are the inactive player who got the veteran horse probably never logged in again....


Rick - I think you may be right. My friend was inactive for a while and - when Halloween came - he got an E-mail for a free 'Witches Hat'. The berk went and restarted after he got it though and lost it. Heh heh. :D
The Witch hat was available for a short period of time from a special link a few years back; you received the hat upon logging into the game from that link. Many of the active players around that time will likely still have the hat in their inventory. I know I certainly do, and I have been active since the day I started the game.

William Todd

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One common agreement in this thread is we need log on rewards something along the line of a set that matches our personal colt and hatchet. the problem I'll have is it's just more stuff in my inventory that I'll never use and I can't sell(3 rusty shotguns and green clothes) because I just might need what I just sold.

Big John1970

The argument that Inno would use to counter that though, is that by logging on daily, you get 15 free Nuggets every 5 days. That's why they will never give 'rewards' for activity.


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I don't think anyone can begrudge an inactive player a bond letter here or there if it provides even the smallest incentive for them to stick around. I think it was the possibility of those players gaining otherwise unobtainable distinct items that had the active collectors up in arms last time.

Desi Boukerse

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For all the people above.

There is no random in this business. The items were most likely a part of a campaign as my wise friend futu pointed out. For the ones receiving it, check your spam box because a mail should have come with it.


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Good to hear we're getting rid of the butt hurting....

I was inactive and I didn't get rewarded so my butt hurts...

I was active and didn't get rewarded so my butt hurts...

Toughen up, toons....