Black Bart's Pants


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Is this the rarest thing in this years tombola? On my server a lot of my friends are way up in rank and have played a lot but have yet to see one drop.everything else has dropped and been on market like crazy,even the horses and saddles,but barts pants are super rare? wandering if its a bug or something or the same way on all worlds.I guess its second rarest after the exp potion lol.I have only seen one pair of barts pants on market this year and its got 2 days left on it lol,going to probaly crash server with people trying bid on it at last second.seams like jesses stuff is flooding market and a lot of bobs but not barts?


Bart's full set provides awesome damage bonus in fortbattles. So I guess people wants to hit better.


I'm sure it's the same on all the worlds. It will be rare because people are desperate for it.