RP Discussion Biker gangs vol 2


I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in a new chapter for my old RP The Life - Outlaw Bikers. My current idea would be to continue from about where the old one... well ended with some of the old characters and some new ones as well.

James the Hunter

I'll jump in. I'm surprised it worked last time, considering my earlier and failed biker RPG.

James the Hunter

True that Regal. I feel like nowadays it's all about sci-fi, modern world RPGs. What I wouldn't do to bring James Travis West back for one more RPG. To hold a sawn-off coach gun in one hand, and a Colt Peacemaker in the other. Ahhh, the good 'ol days.


Hey James what about Luke Westwoods for a little reunion. Maybe in the near future. ;)

Count me in too for the Biker gangs vol2 Yuggernaut

Lord Regal

Campfire Guardian
Heh...when I jumped on the bandwagon the Old West style RP was in its death throes...because of the game that it is, it was obviously the first RP type explored, and to be honest it stuck around for a long time, but I think the last one of this style was the one Peril cooked up with the gang reference...and that one didn't go too far sadly. [spoil]I'm also disheartened to see the medieval-style RP is kind of lackluster here right now as well...although the one I'm working on might change that...we'll see :)[/spoil]

In any case, I digress. I might join on this one...I didn't in the last one because I have no knowledge of biker gangs whatsoever. However, seeing the relative success of the first one, it may be worth trying IMO. My main concern is that the two times sequels were started recently, they crashed immediately. [spoil]The Tiran Wars (EXCELLENT RP) and Prison Break (also awesome) had sequels try to start. Breakout died instantly (which gave me room to get Xenon into Torn Fabric) but The Southern Reaches survived for a while...I had a great idea for my character (and I kind of hint at it throughout the RP) but it died too fast. [/spoil]

Anyway...my point is that sequels haven't had much success here lately, but it never hurts to try :)

(after looking at my random tangents...I'm going to put them in spoilers. I encourage any RPer who remembers the other sequel threads, along with the last few Old West threads, to read them...but if you're simply looking for an opinion, then don't read them...)


There seems to be some interest at least. That's good. I'll try to come up with a good plot by the weekend. Pretty busy during the week.:(