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Biggest pet peeves on The West?


Players who claim they are level 145+ in some other world, they are no joke in this game. And then post in the forum looking for Bob Dalton's Gun set.

Did I also mention that Right Hand Hand and Left hand weapons don't make a whole gunset according to such people. It has to be all the '3 parts', else it's incomplete. :)


1) People who keep spamming to join FF's everyday as if it's a 9-5 time and I'm getting paid for it.
2) A messed up duel formula which rely entirely on stances and skills do not even matter.
3) Everything is overpriced.

Introvert Mj

Lol Micky, I do that :p, probably even more than the guy in your world does.


I qualify for Micky's first pet-peeve as well. I'm a seasonal person though. :p


I doubt I would pet-peeve my habit here Kidd, heh. Actually I'm saying this while I'm spamming for the upcoming FF tomorrow in Dakota. :)

Tombolas sure have have a top billing. But honestly, about the fort-fight thing.. I'm kinda in disagreement. Fort-fights need spammers for the world in the long-run.


Send one telegram, set a chat topic and if you really insist, post a couple of times in chat throughout the space of 24 hours. Spam or send even a single whisper and I won't attend, simple as that. Aside from the annoyance factor, I've succumbed to whispers only to be left out of the battle enough times to ignore them altogether. Around the time I'm talking about I was the biggest tank on that world, so you can imagine why I was less than impressed.


Indeed. Messages can be and will be ignored quite a lot of time. People responding to it causing the real message to 'disappear'.
Hard to ignore are whispers. Personal approach of the team. Often the person whispering is well known and people will listen to him her. So don't underestimate the power of personal approach. What's nicer than the feeling that the team wants you? That they need you? I'd be proud I think.
I've often found myself joining a battle after someone asked me to join.
What's annoying about whispers? Those who think clicking 30,000 time isn't annoying should certainly not point whispers to be annoying!


It depends on the context, I suppose. Sure, whispers may appeal to the majority of regular alliance members on a more personal level, but in terms of my complaint, I was both prominent amongst the gaming community at the time and very active within my alliance, so the continued spam-rejection manoeuvre was redundant in terms of the former and insulting in terms of the latter. Pet peeves are entirely personal, I suppose, so one player's peeve may be completely welcome to another.


Equipping a gentleman's dinner buff, setting 5 hours of work on a silver job, and then about 10 minutes into the first hour, having a noob whisper you asking you if you can post for them to market (2) potatoes so they can complete a quest, respectfully replying that you can do so in about 5 hours, and being met with, "you're right next to town... why can't you do it right now?"

So my vote for #1 would be noobies asking for freebies.

But, gotta love chat ignore from that point going forward.

So if we're discussing biggest pet peeves, chat ignore and/or telegram block should be high on the list of pet innovations :)

Micky Davies

My better halve has a pet peeve and i can see the point - having to have different clothes to make a job better which then leaves you unable to defend yourself properly in a duel


My better halve has a pet peeve and i can see the point - having to have different clothes to make a job better which then leaves you unable to defend yourself properly in a duel

Why not set the job in the best gear, then equip duel gear?


Is this a momentary pet peeve kind of thing or an all-in-general peeve or a policy and procedure peeve or a ???

How many peeves can a toon pop out if a toon could poop out peeves?

How many peeves could a Mod address if a Mod was really afforded the luxury of time and energy to address the really pooping peeves?

Pankreas PorFavor

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rolling out a tombola event where you can't even see what the prizes are - because nothing happens when you click that button! it works in beta, but not in .net.... or, as Da Twista's announcement says: "These sets are currently still being finalized by the tailors, but I've been assured they're going to be awesome."
wow. just - wow. I guess Inno was surprised with July 4th coming so soon this year? do they really expect players to spend nuggets on set items with unknown stats? sometimes I feel like they're doing everything they can to alienate as many players as possible :( really really disappointing. again.
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Big John1970

I was wondering about that. "Hmm, I like spending Nuggets on The West to buy the REALLY good gear. I think I'll spend 800 Nuggets on the off-chance I'll get......?" :D


agreed and Inno's idea of "amazing" is way different than mine and many others. Unless this gear has been greatly upgraded from the bonuses shown on beta 2 days ago then its not amazing to me. The concept of "buy this and we will tell you exactly what you are buying later" is ridiculous. So unless you are on fairbanks or plan to make a run for the event winner set, I would hold off.