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Biggest pet peeves on The West?

Red Falcon

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Whoa! It's been a while since I posted anything in here, but I've been thinking about posting this topic for a while, so here goes...

What are your biggest pet peeves of The West? Each person who posts a reply can list up to 3 of the features or aspects of the game they hate more than anything else. In addition to this, they can post what he or she would do to change the features or if they'd remove them entirely to be replaced by a more handy feature.

Remember, this is only a discussion about what people don't like about The West...It is not an ideas thread for people to post ideas they think should be voted on. If a moderator feels this topic should be moved to a more appropriate section, they are free to do so.

Here are my biggest pet peeves...

1: The way consumable items work (Like holiday consumables which replenish energy, health, and so on) because of having to wait some 10 minutes before using the same (Or a different) item again. This was not always the case - All consumable items could be used instantly with no need to wait for 10 minutes before using them again. If I could, I would remove the 10 minute wait so these items could be used repeatedly.
2: The annoying way the map slowly scrolls over to the location of your character when the space bar is pressed...I feel this is very annoying and again, the map used to instantly zip over to your character's location...Another time waster in my opinion. If I could, I would change the map scrolling back to an instant zip over to a person's character.
3: The requirements of certain quests (For example, having to knock out NPC's in a duel, having to take part in a fort battle, having to be online at a certain time of day, or having to be part of a town) and such. The time requirement is especially annoying and if I could, I would get rid of it entirely. The other stuff is mildly to moderately annoying. I would reduce the number of NPC duels needed to be won by way of knocking out said NPC or just remove those annoyances entirely.

Anyway, this wraps up the list of my pet peeves...Feel free to post!


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1. Crafting - Ever tried crafting 50 of something? It will crash your game. Every. Single. Time.
Fixing it is very easy I think, add a way to craft multiple items at the same time, similar to how you can queue multiple jobs or sell an entire stack of items to the trader. This would, I assume, cut down on the requests per second to the server, and the game would be able to handle it without going into meltdown.

2. The "pushing" rule - It's my, hard earned, pretend money. Why shouldn't I be able to chose to give it to my friend to help them when they are just starting out? Or help a friend buy a rare item on the market by loaning them 100k for a couple of weeks? If I decide to leave the game, why can't I give my money and items to my friends that have helped me through the years? The game has evolved to a point where this rule should too.
Most other languages have bank transfer features built into the game, but it is disabled on .net. I completely agree with the experience side of the pushing rule, but the money side is as oppressive and unjust as the North Korean government, in my opinion (at least I still have my right to free speech :p).

3. The Horse Race event in the travelling fair - That thing is so loud, I swear it almost burst my eardrums when I was wearing headphones. It needs to have a mute feature :D

Honourable mentions: Unbalance between character classes in fort battle bond rewards, having to buy Automation premium to have more than 2 saved sets, the ingame work menu only compares jobs with your currently equipped items and not your best items for every job, construction lending so many town points to towns in the rankings compared to duelling and fort points, how you can't leave a town when you are signed into a fort battle but you can join a fort battle when you are townless, and people who want to get rid of duelling.
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Pee wee 1: Not posting in appropriate thread.

Pee wee 2: Not formating ideas.

Pee wee 3: Not discussing enough on possible solutions to former two.

EDIT: Funny :p
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"Honourable mentions: Unbalance between character classes in fort battle bond rewards" (ಠ_ಠ)

This... duelers are already overpowered in terms of taking 2k from my fat advent butt in one shot... but it's almost insulting to end the battle with 10-13 bonds after ghosting away on a tower or holding the flag just long enough to win, then the duelers get 20 bonds just for showing up. Diggo fixy fix pls.


1. The new tutorial quests that require you to open pretty much every game window, totalling about 200 clicks.

2. People that overprice items on the market.

3. Iron clad chests.

4. Tombolas and all the sets that come with them, especially the winner's sets.

5. The flashing work window that doesn't stop flashing until you open every newly unlocked job.

6. When, as a non-dueller, I get hit for less than 1000 damage in a duel. If I don't have a duel build, I expect to get hammered. I hate giving exp and a sense of accomplishment to people who obviously suck.


This is perfect timing on your part RF, i was just wondering if i'd have to start a new thread for this.

(don't let Kidd Kalypso see, there will be whining)

Pet Peeve: Outrageous questing demands & how they interfere with crafting.

I don't mind having to acquire items & products to accomplish a quest, but i do object to forking over ALL my hard gotten gains. Especially, those i need for my craft. I don't mind giving up a percentage or doing work for stuff i don't need and paying my dues with that, but please, give me a break.
Wood is a perfect example of what i'm talking about. It is required for a few quests & the demand keeps going up while the reward is going down.

Requires: Felling trees 4x
Reward: 60 XP
This is great. Whatever wood i collect is mine & i get extra XP

Requires: Wood 3
Reward: 75 XP
Now that's ok, i can live with that.

Requires: Wood 6
Reward: $350
At only $58.33/plank, it's not a great deal.
This is barely tolerable.

Not doing.
Requires: Wood 20
Reward: $300
It says in the quest, I'll pay you well for it. OK?
With a 200% drop chance doing 1 hour of work, it will take 10 hours work to accumulate what is required, is $30/hr, $15/plank well paid?
When i could work 1 hour, get 2 planks, sell each for $300, which means $600/hr & $300/plank

Then there's the fact that i use this product in crafting to gain skill points, how many points have i lost & would be losing out on?

This is also time & energy taken from doing other things, i have a town to build.

This is a serious no win situation for me, why would i do it?
Motivation is supposed to play a part in this game, unfortunately, it is highly lacking here.

Sorry for the rant, had to get that off my chest.


1. Low level players with high duel level.

They win everytime and you know full well they do NOT have the skills or the gear to compare.



1) When you have to travel 3+ hrs to another Town to pick up an item and travel another 3 hours to reach your own... (for non-prem players)

2) Dueling protection only lasting for 48 hours.

3) People selling products such as tobacco for $1000... really?


1) Tombolas -- > Every time they make the richer rich, and the poorer poor.
2) Henry -- > No need to explain. Henry and his poop colored messages.
3) Nuggets -- > Nuggets off course!


1. That the county chat dissapeared.

2. That duellers and fort fighters and crafters dont really have a use for eachother anymore.

3. ....... ummmm ... i´ll get back to you on that ;)

Good Feather

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April Fools Quests that can only be done one time

Paladin Quest - which I have halfway done on one character.
Wood Magician set - I was vacationing..


April Fools Quests that can only be done one time

Paladin Quest - which I have halfway done on one character.
Wood Magician set - I was vacationing..

Yeah, I didn't complete the Paladin quest either. It bugs me every time I look at my list of quests and know that I will never be able to finish one of them.

Good Feather

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Oh I just saw another pet peev. The statistics page... Every time I go in I just want to hug it to pieces.


Unsuccessful building construction 1 piece.
Should be 1 time or 1 occurrence

Level advanced by building constuction 7 pieces
Should be 7 times or 7 levels


Nah, there shouldn't be a word at all. It should just say the number like it used to, except in cases where a unit of measurement is necessary.


Well, if you're being pedantic, you could argue that missing 1 piece of a building could lead to an unsuccessful construction. And you could advance a building by 7 pieces... :p

It all depends on the piece!