BHR Recruitment


I'm looking for any one that is looking to be Recruited...


What are the Requirements?
No Level Needed
No Entry Fees
No Taxes

Town Information

All I Ask is help building the town and to donate to the Town treasury on a regular bases as much as you can to help build the town. However, once the town is done you don't have to thing about that again unless you like too. :blink:

I also ask you to help protract the town and as much as you can and try to keep to our Code Of Conduct below. thats it.

Attacking Builders:
Don't Attack Builders, unless you have no other choice and they have attacked you.

The Towns Stats for those who look for this before joining a town ;)

Town Points: 5618
Town Rank: 940

Building Level Progress...

Town hall 5
Market 2
Residences 3
Bank 2
Hotel 2
Gunsmith 2
Tailor 2
General store 2
Sheriff 2
and Mortician Done!

If you would like to telegram me you have to look for "Vemkeit" my town is below so you can find your way if you get lost :laugh:

We are also open to:

Thus so any town that would like to make an Alliance with may town I'm up for that just telegram!

Thanks for reading enjoy the game :D



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We still have openings for the town if anyone would like to join the town :)