Best way to find rare items (luck)


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Hey everyone,

New to the game here (level 45 adventurer). I was wondering what is the best way to farm rares from jobs. Do I repeatedly complete 15s jobs or are 10min-1hr queues the way to go?

Also, what gear should I be aiming to get and what jobs are considered the best to farm rare items?

Thanks in advance!


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Hey there, so farming for luck drops can be very lucrative if not incredibly boring, but you won't generally be wearing any of the gear you find, it's all years outdated, so unless you are a collector, you'll be selling it all to the travelling merchant - but you can make 100s of thousands daily at high levels. It's maybe not so viable in a tombola-enabled world at low levels.

Use any tombola set with a % increase to luck. Do 15s jobs whenever possible and preferably keep your motivation above 90% - Motivation effects your luck.

Pure trading is the best skill for this (you can always reskill later for PvP, if you want to actually play the game), and the best jobs for trading include Lead a Trade Office (middle map), Working as a travelling merchant, Trading with Indians, or Trading.