Best movies so far?

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Seen a few 2019 movies, mostly good. Avengement was seriously fun to watch. It's a Scott Adkins offering for this year. If you've seen an Adkins film you know what you're signing up for. Action, and loads of it. Well he beefed up his acting chops for this one too as well as the action. So much action in that movie, so much. hahahaa Polar was another surprisingly fun to watch action flick. It's like watching a movie about John Wick's dad. Worth the watch. Ben Affleck surprised me as well in Triple Frontier, and come on. Any movie that starts with some ex-special forces dudes robbing jungle drugs dudes with a Metallica soundtrack is probably gonna be a good one. It was. John Wick 3 was as great as the others. No complaints at all. The Standoff at Sparrow Creek was a nice, twisty mess. One of those "Whaaaaaat!?" type movies. hahahahaa Tried to watch The Bouncer.....the job interview scene was great but i didn't much like it after that and shut it down half way through. Dragged Across Concrete with Mel Gibson is nothing what i expected. Slow, painfully slow. That didn't even make it half way.

The comedy scene for 2019 is hurting. Badly. Not a single comedy has piqued my interest. There was one movie billed partially as a comedy and had the name Quentin Tarantino attached to it. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio taking top credits. i lasted 30 minutes with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and had to shut it down literally while a scene at the Playboy mansion was happening. If i medicate heavily enough i might be able to force myself to see if there is something redeemable in that film but i'm not holding my breath.

*Just watched Rocketman. Thoroughly enjoyed that one.
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