Best fort fight gear per character



What is the best or at least an acceptable set for fort fights for soldier :
Please, help me to know what to search for


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depends on the way you want to play really...the real answer should be cortina for all 3 classes, if you upgrade it to level 2 there's really nothing else you need except maybe summer spirit set (which you can't get right now)

some people use Wilson CLOTHES in attack (the mount set is trash)...i'm not sure how good it is but probably creates the illusion of hitting as a tank in attack
also the carribbean set is supposedly the best in attack but it's not auctionable and there's also currently no way to get it

for premium worker i guess going for damage is also a good variant but it's not as good as a dueler...that would involve buying murrieta horse set, captain clothes for attack and phoebe clothes in defense (murrieta clothes work as well but the leadership is low and significantly reduce your chance to hit)...and any weapons like murrieta, phoebe, other weapons come to mind right now. I would personally choose the phoebe ones for personal reasons\

oh, forgot to mention...ron clothes work as well instead of phoebe, much better chance to hit but less leadership (damage)


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For adventurers and soldiers: Full Cortina for defense , wilson's clothes + cortina's horse and saddle + weapons for attack. If you are full mobility you can try summer spirits set + cortina for both attack and defense. If you're not full mobility, you can use summer spirit sets with carl for attack or summer spirits horse+saddle + wilson clothes (so without the spirit's mask) + cortina weapons.
For workers and duellers: Mosey or ron's clothes for defense, captain's for attack + murrieta's horse+saddle and the weapons are on your choice. You can use captain's weapons for attack and mosey for defense or ron's weapons for both if they are upgraded or even lucille or deputy chef's weapons if they have a good upgrade.


Thank you all!!!!
I would like to play defense and especially a tank - I have soldier , worker, adventurer and try to find a formula. I thought that wilson is for defense and carl for attack like adams. Cortina is difficult to find - after so many tombola s never got it. Lets hope this year, they will upgrade something useful for fort battles


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Hi! I'm a worker, is better to be a damager or a tank? I just wanna be the best i can be

It's better to be the role you want to play. If someone says you should be a damager because its "better", but you don't like it, it's NOT better! Pick something, skill and gear toward that, keeping in mind how your class features interact with those. As a Worker, I think the Buffer role would be the most difficult to build, but if that's what you want to do, go nuts!