Best Computer Drivers Programme EVER!!!

Big John1970

I don't know if any of you already use this, but if you don't, I STRONGLY recommend you give it a try.
The programme is called (name is a link you can click) - DriverEasy.
Basically, if you get your hands on a second-hand computer and you have NO idea what cards are INSIDE it, but you need DRIVERS for it. Rather than fishing around INSIDE with a LIGHT, just install this little beauty.
It scans EVERY piece of hardware, then tells you what drivers you NEED for it. It will even DOWNLOAD them for you.
Now, it IS free, but if you do that, you need to install the drivers yourself. (Which is no real hardship to be honest.) If you go premium (which is too expensive for me right now, but I will eventually), it will download EVERY driver and INSTALL them for you.
Even with the FREE version, it will tell you which of your drivers are OUTDATED. :)
I downloaded some that it said were out-of-date and sure enough, my Windows accepted them as newer versions.
Gone are the days, I scour the internet looking for drivers, hoping that they don't contain any malware.
Give it a try, you won't look back. :)


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I have used this one and it is quite handy. There is also another i used but i cant remember the name.

Thanks for sharing :)

Big John1970

I tried to tell my brother about it. He said, "I've looked at it and it is rather expensive."
I told him that you can use it for free, but he wouldn't listen...his loss. :)

Snr Sarg

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Are you confident that this software is not also downloading any Malware or anything else malicious? I know you touched on this briefly in your original post, just looking for some further observations from you.

Big John1970

Well I have AV software which picks up on things that aren't even malware, just because the programme doesn't fit right, I guess. It has never once shown anything wrong with this. Plus there is the fact that you can buy the premium version of it and generally, with these types of companies they are very careful about things like that, because if anyone were to pick up any malware using their programme, they'd quickly lose their customers. Hope that helps. :)

Gandalf Greyhame

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First thing you oughta do with a second hand computer anyway is reformat the hard drives.. :D
This is pretty useful after that.

Big John1970

You don't HAVE to buy it though. I used the free version and found ALL my drivers from a fresh install. It didn't take any exceptional length of time to download them all, then I simply installed them all manually and I was away.
I understand not all people like all things, so if you don't want to use it, I hope you find something that you do like. All I can say is, for a free product, I believe this is awesome. :)

Big John1970

Very true. there are a LOT of scam updaters out there. I am very wary about putting anything on my computer. I can definitely say though that the one I started this post with is legitimate.
But yes, definitely be very careful about using a programme that you are not 100% certain about.

Post-edit: A similar situation is when you are looking for TV shows to watch online. If they are unavailable through your normal provider, there are many sites out there that will tell you that they have what you are looking for.
I myself have been through the mill searching for a site or sites that I know are trustworthy. Too many times, after visiting a site that seemed legitimate, my AV-programme informed me that the site was trying to install a 'Trojan' on my computer.
Thankfully, I now have found the site that is perfect for me and I can now watch any TV show without fear of infection. (In the digital-sense.) :)
(I am of course talking about free sites.)
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