Berry Pickers Anonymous


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I will be starting a town. Post here and you will receive an invited to the town. Do not accept and do not join. We must remain anonymous. The invite will come from another name as it would be foolish for me to use the same name in game on this server.

When you receive the invite, you will know. Do not accept it and do not join another town. Association with another alliance or town is treasonous as we berry pickers are solo creatures who do not engage in duels or battles.

Apply here.


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Hi guys I play 6 worlds and would like very much to start on this world also my levels are in the 100-118 please send an invite when it opens or let me know when this world opens
TY Stryder


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umm, if we dont accept the invite then how do we join your town? thats a bit stupid lol
Thank-you for the feedback. I had not considered that.

how dare you not invite me! I shall never get my town virginity vanquished!

Berry picker out.
You were never a berry picker. You didn't reserve your spot. Unfortunately we are full now so if you have not received an invite, you will not be invited.