Below Absolute Zero

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The Guide
The young woman glared at the Irishman making no attempt to hide her contempt towards his question, her job was bad enough without some wise ass miner mocking her at every turn "Any Sensible questions?" she asked though gritted teeth seconds away from crossing the point of no return and saying what she really felt like saying, it would most likely cost her, her job but at this point in time she didn't really care.
Luckily for the young guide it was at this point that the pilot announced that they would be landing shortly, the sound of reverse thrusters never sounded sweeter to the guide as she took her seat at the very front of the shuttle.
As soon as the shuttle touched down upon the landing pad a crewman appeared to help the passengers disengage the straps before pushing open the door; an icy gust of snow filled air washing into craft chilling all of those within to the bone.
With her duty towards the passengers now fulfilled she offered them on last smile as she spoke "If you would all disembark from the shuttle your luggage will be collected by the crew and delivered to the main facility and I hope you enjoy your stay" the sarcasm practically dripping from the word enjoy the guide safe in the knowledge that she would be having the last laugh this day.
Having slept through the entire trip Harriet finds herself rudely awoken by the sudden jolt of the shuttles landing gear making contact with the landing pad. Finding herself looking down at the fabric of Peadar's jacket she slowly rolls her head to look up at the Irishman groaning inwardly as she realises what must have happened. Quickly sitting up in her seat she busies herself with the process of unclipping her straps in an attempt to hide her embarrassment over the situation "Don't get any idea's paddy, you make a good pillow but we're not friends yet" stupid sedatives, always make me act like an idiot she silently curses wondering what else she'd done to embarrass herself whilst under their effect.
Having missed the brief entirely Harriet gets the shock of a lifetime as she steps out of the Shuttles door and onto the icy landing pad "Oh god its Alpha Centauri all over again!" she curses wondering why they couldn't have sent her someplace warm for a change.
From what she could see the facility consisted of a large square courtyard in the centre of which stood a pair of landing platforms one of which was currently occupied by their craft; to the right there was a large hangar like structure and to the front there was a squat blocky structure from which emerged a small group of people causing her to believe that it was the main entrance the other two buildings seeming to be warehouses not that she had much time to dwell on them as it was at this point that the group from out of the main building arrived.
The Welcoming Committee
There were three of them in total all of them dressed in a combination of arctic gear and body armour, a pair heavily insulated combat shotguns slung over the shoulders of two of the guards "Hello and welcome to Niflhiem!" the lead man announced to the group in a strong South African accent and just a hint of irony "My name is Manfred Speer and I am head of security at Station 9, follow the rules and we'll get on just fine" Standing around 6' tall with a neatly trimmed beard and short hair cut both a golden blonde in colour going on grey and wearing a white leather eye patch over his left eye the head of security had an imposing aura about him, the smile on his face a thin disguise beneath which a tyrant hid.
Scanning the group of people he catches sight of Harriet instantly recognising her as he did so; an evil smile appearing on his face as he strides over towards her "Well well what have we here? a little birdie" a gloved hand quickly grabs hold of the girl by her jaw twisting her head this way and that as he examined her, grinning as he catches sight of the small tear drop tattoos beneath her eye "You're two short girl" the man growls seeming to enjoy her discomfort "I didn't kill them" she speaks in reply were words muffled by the hand holding her mouth closed "Of course you didn't those people just died of their own listen to me Dirty Harry I AM the law on this planet and you will do as I tell you...just give me an excuse and I will gun you down just like you did to those people understand me?" the barest of nods comes from Harriet in response "Good, Isaac get these people inside and Miss Lynch processed I need to have a little word with our G.I friend here"
"Ok people this way before you all freeze to death" one of the men announced before turning to lead them towards the building from which they'd originally appeared
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English Bill

Doemenic pulled out his PDA and showed it to Olaf but the Norwegian was still none the wiser. He guessed the question must have been a joke of some kind but he couldn't see how it was meant to be funny.

He was about to say something else but he was interrupted by the news that they were landing so he prepared himself for that instead. 'Looks like I can get you that drink soon,' he said to Dominic as they disembarked.

Once off the shuttle Olaf watched the exchange between the security chief and the prisoner with no attempt to hide his discomfort. The girl had obviously done some great evil but the man struck Olaf as being equally capable of causing unnecessary harm. He was glad when they were escorted away and followed without question.

'I think maybe made mistake coming here,' he said to Dominic with a slight smile. He knew it was going to be hard but he'd had no idea there would be so much violance lurking around the corner. Something in the back of his mind told him things weren't right.

Once again his hand strayed to his wedding ring.


The guide didn’t answer Peadar’s question, instead giving a scowl and asking for sensible questions. Peadar thought knowing where the Tauntauns were kept was a sensible thing to know. If he needed to look for a fellow Hoth Base 1 resident, or perform a scouting mission, what better way to do it than by Tauntaun? The nonnative craft would be unreliable in the cold weather. The Nord asked Peadar what a Tauntaun was. “I’d be more than happy to tell. Tauntauns are fictional creatures from the movie Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Great film. You should watch the entire trilogy.” The pilot announced that they would be landing soon. Finally this boring trip would be over and he could pick up the rest of his luggage and sleep.

The landing craft landed with a jolt, causing everyone to fly up a few inches. Peadar thought it would have been more if they hadn’t been strapped in. This also had the side effect of waking up Harriet, who groggily looked at the drool she had left on Peadar’s jacket. This seemed to get rest of the sedative out of her, or at least overpowered by the adrenalin of embarrassment. After mentioning that they weren’t friends, despite the fact that he made a good pillow, Peadar smiled and made an offer to Harriet. “Next time you need a sleep, call me up.”

As the door opened, Peadar noticed that Harriet was nowhere near prepared to handle the cold. Peadar wasn’t very keen on it either, but he knew it would be cold. The website explained the name came from the Old Norse realm of ice and cold. Peadar would have gone for Hoth; there wasn’t a better analogue in the known galaxy. According to Harriet, Alpha Centauri was similar to Niflheim. Peadar, of course, had no idea, having never left Earth before he went off to Niflheim, except on a couple training exercises, namely the Moon and Mars. Peadar’s thoughts were temporarily interrupted by the arrival of what appeared to be a welcoming committee, another trio of soldiers. This place appeared to be filled with more soldiers than workers. That was strange. Maybe a saboteur was about, and they hadn’t nabbed the guy.

The chief welcomer revealed himself to be Niflheim’s head of security, named Manfred Speer. The name, combined with the accent, placed him as a Boer. Though he welcomed everybody to the planet, he wasn’t very welcoming to Harriet, indicating that he knew her criminal past and that her teardrop tattoos were missing a couple of drops. He thought she had killed two more people than she claimed she had. The verbal and physical treatment made Peadar a bit angry, not angry enough to attack a shotgun wielding Afrikaner, but angry enough to not like the guy. Peadar wondered what happened to the people Harriet claimed she didn’t kill. He would have to ask her about it later. Another of the welcoming committee ordered the group to follow him inside, which Peadar gladly followed.

Lord Regal

The West Team
Xenon didn't react as the military man sat next to him. He had hoped he'd be left alone, but clearly that wasn't going to happen. Fortunately though the man didn't seem inclined to talk, so he could still keep to himself. He remained this way for the remainder of the flight, completely ignoring the idiocy involving the Star Wars movies.

Despite himself, Xenon found himself shivering as they stepped out of the shuttle. He'd known it was cold, had known it was colder than anything experienceable on Earth, and it still hadn't hit him. And this was in an area that was slightly warmed! He couldn't fail to notice how many military personal were around. They'd make it difficult to pull off any sort of crime...but what fun was it if it wasn't challenging? He walked with the others, wondering when all this "welcome to the station" crap would end...he wasn't being given time to think, let alone plot.

(Braet, the last line isn't my own view...I love exposition as you know. Xenon's just frustrated :p )


Doemenic took his PDA back from Olaf as the shuttle began to land, and the guide sarcastically waved them goodbye, too eager to see the back of them.
Moving down the landing ramp onto the icy cold surface of the planet the first thing he noticed was the abundance of security personnel. There was definitely something going on here, and as it hadn't been reported on any of the news leads, Blackwater wanted to keep it quiet.
They were greeted by three guards, the leader of whom, a South African named Manfred Spear, took a malevolent interest in the Canary.
"Ok people this way before you all freeze to death" Stated one of the guards. Doemenic followed with the others.
So...Blackwater had something to hide did they? Might be worth his while to have a sift through their database, but first he needed that drink...


Ethan closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the seat as the shuttle was landing. Then the guide asked them to disembark off the shuffle and that there luggage would be collected by crew. Nonetheless Ethan picked up his bag and threw it over his shoulder. A shiver ran down his spine as he walked out into the barren planet and was met by a cold front. Shouldn't have took off that shirt he muttered under his breath as he was the only one standing there with a T-shirt. They were welcomed by the welcome committee, 3 guards 2 were armed with shotguns. He knew those type of shotguns, up close they would blow a man to bits, but long range they were useless. The lead guard introduced himself as Manfred Spear and by the looks of him he took his job very seriously and is strict by the rules. Ethan's thoughts were confirmed when he said "follow the rules and we'll get on just fine". It was only then that he noticed poor Harriett. Unfortunately Harriet was to the far side of the group and Ethan couldn't hear what was being said to her over the wind and his chattering teeth. Ethan could feel his fingers going numb and it was then that one of the guard told them to follow him. "Thank god" he followed the guard but looked back just out of curiosity who was behind him. No body was but the GI still hasn't moved from where he was. Something was wrong here, why would they need a GI. Something definitely wasn't right. Ethan shrugged his head and ignored all thoughts he had about sector 9. He was here to work and that was what he intended to do.


Stepping through the double doors the group finds themselves within a small and thankfully heated lobby area, before them were a pair of doors one of which had a fob reader beside it "Ok folks pass through the door on you left one at a time and wait for the light to turn green then walk through to the other side" the man previously identified as Isaac spoke in an American accent as he pulled back his hood to reveal a fairly young clean shaven man with short brown hair "I am sorry Miss Lynch but the captain wants us to search you the old fashioned way" he asked looking clearly embarrassed about it all motioning her to follow him through the other door which presumably by-passed the scanner through which the others would have to pass, the other security officer seeming to find his partners discomfort amusing "What’s the matter Isaac? You afraid the little Canary is going to rough you up?"
"Well get on with it then" he said laughing as he opened the door with his fob; waiting for both Isaac and Harriet to have passed through before closing it again and motioning the others to walk one at time through the scanner.

The Scanner was a small room about the size of a broom cupboard with a single red light over the door in front of them. Had the workers expected any form of light show they would have been sorely disappointed as apart from a slight humming noise the room was entirely devoid of activity other than the light turning green signalling that they could leave the room.

Stepping into the room beyond they found themselves inside a nicely furnished room painted in pastel shades of yellow and orange with potted tropical plants tastefully positioned within the room to complement the pieces of modern art on the walls. On the right hand side of the room there was a security booth; a piece of armour glass separating Isaac, a uniformed woman and Harriet from the rest of them, meanwhile straight ahead of them a pair of lift doors stood with a third door leading to a set of stairs.
There was a sudden metallic buzzing noise from the left as the Mag-locks disengaged from the security booths door and both Harriet and Isaac; now devoid of his winter gear and shotgun stepped into the room with a clipboard in his hand "Ok ladies and gentlemen you'll have to bare with me here this is normally Mr Weiland's PA's job but since the accident..." as if realising that he'd said more than he should have done Isaac quickly clears his throat, his eyes dropping down to the clipboard in his hands as if he'd just spotted something really important "...well its my job until....ah Miss Rukin I see you got the PA's job, congratulations" he said searching out the woman in question from the group with no small amount of relief on his face as he offered her a smile "Right well here goes, when I call your name please go up to my colleague and she will hand you your Company ID, Credit card and room key and I’ll also tell you which role you have been allocated" he paused long enough to see if anybody had any burning questions before proceeding in a halting voice to read aloud the names listed " Rukin, Sara PA. Scarr, Olaf Engineering. McManus, Peadar Engineering. Murphy, Ethan...Security..." Isaac pauses looking up at the ex-marine with an inquisitive and slightly surprised look on his face before shrugging his shoulders and continuing "...Jackson, Domenic Command centre. Wells, Mark management...sorry it isn't any more specific and finally Lynch, Harriet Science team… ok well that’s everybody once you have your things we'll proceed to the lower levels"


Ethan followed the guard into a lobby. It was a relief to walk into the room as it was heated. Following instructions Ethan walked to through the door Isaac pointed out and waited a few seconds before the green light came, then he walked through the other side.
Once he was through the door Ethan took a good look at the room, it was neatly furnished with plants decorating the room. Isaac then started his speech."Ok ladies and gentlemen you'll have to bare with me here this is normally Mr Weiland's PA's job but since the accident..." quickly he stopped but resumed "..well its my job until....ah Miss Rukin I see you got the PA's job, congratulations"."Right well here goes, when I call your name please go up to my colleague and she will hand you your Company ID, Credit card and room key and I’ll also tell you which role you have been allocated" he paused and looked at the group clearly expecting some questions. Ethan was about to ask him about the accident but instead he kept his mouth shut and kept his gaze at the floor. Isaac then started calling out names and jobs Ethan waited until he heard his name."Murphy, Ethan...Security..." at that Ethan looked up clearly surprised, he wasn't the only one. Isaac also gave him a confused look. He shrugged his shoulders and kept naming people. Ethan let out a sigh of relief. At least he got a job that he knows he can't mess up in. He wouldn't have minded engineering alongside Peadar and Olaf but he was glad he got security instead.

Following earlier instructions Ethan walked to Isaac's associate to receive his room key and several other things.


Praise electricity that it was warm in here. So warm that Peadar actually started sweating. He thought that was probably due to the contrast of the temperatures of the room and the outside world, but still, it felt good to be able to take your jacket off. As they entered, Peadar noticed two more doors on the other end, one of them with some sort of card reader. He guessed they would be going through the other door today. His suspicion was confirmed when the guard Isaac instructed the group to pass through the door one at a time and stay in the room until the green light came on. They didn’t have 100% confidence in their scanners though, forcing Harriet to go through an older, more reliable (supposedly) method of examination.

Peadar entered the room when it was his turn. After a few moments of humming, the little light turned from red to green, and Peadar stepped through. When they had all gone through the room, which was done up in a thoroughly modern philosophy, with artificial plants vainfully trying to cover up pastel walls and horrendous modern art, and after they were joined by Harriet, having passed her examination, they were talked to again by guard Isaac, who was now taking the job of Mr. Weiland’s PA (temporarily [or so he hoped]), the last one having died in an accident. Though Isaac tried hard, he was still making a mess of it, and Peadar couldn’t help but feel sorry for the kid. Isaac was relieved to see that the first name on the list was to be the new Mr. Weiland PA, Sara Rukin. Peadar looked at where Isaac was smiling at, and saw somebody that looked somewhat familiar. Maybe she was on a programme or something?

As the names were read off, Peadar was slightly confused that nobody got anything specific. All anybody got were departments. Though Peadar and Olaf the Nord got the same department, engineering, they might have extremely different jobs and would rarely run into each other. When Peadar’s name was called, he walked up to the woman standing next to Isaac and retrieved his goodie bag of Company ID (which already had Peadar’s picture on it), credit card (which already had Peadar’s signature on it), and room key, which didn’t have a hotel cliché on it, to Peadar’s disappointment. As he pocketed his cards, he waited around for everyone else to get their cards, and begin the descent into the lower levels.

English Bill

Olaf was surprised by the heat of the rooms that they entered. He preferred at least a slight chill and this place felt stuffy after the cold of outside. Despite this he silently did as he was told. He entered the scanner and twiddle his fingers as he waited for the green light. He then moved to the next room and took up a position leaning against one wall while he waited for everyone else.

Eventually, when everyone was through, the security guard began reading out assignments. There was no surprise that Olaf was going to Engineering but he did wonder as to the specifics?

'What be my position in the Engineering?' He asked as he collected his cards and keys. No one else had asked for specifics but Olaf needed to know that his wages would cover the medical bills for his wife. Of course, there was another question burning at the back of his mind too. 'There be a bar too?'


Doemenic followed the others into the building. Ah, that was better. Warmth. Following the others through the scanner, he then listened as the soldier Isaac mutter something about an accident, before stopping himself. 'Accidents?' importing GIs? Heightened security? Blackwater was definitely hiding something. The soldier-turned-PA read out each of their names in turn, assigning them their departments, ID, credit cards and room keys.
As his name was announced third to last, he stepped forward and took the items, before stepping backwards. So he'd been assigned to the command centre? Interesting, as long as he wasn't the one making coffee, he should be able to have a fish in Blackwater's database, find out what they were up to.
Olaf asked what his position was, and more importantly, where the bar was.
Doemenic waited to hear the answer before turning and following the others down into the lower levels.

Lord Regal

The West Team
Management. Excellent. Xenon didn't smile, but his severe countenance lessened slightly. Not only was that the sort of job he was hoping for, it would be far easier to arrange any sort of illegal activity if he was in charge of the area. Now he just needed a lower level worker he could count on. Harriet, while the most obvious choice with her proven criminal background, had thus far been far too violent for his liking. He needed someone who would remain level-headed, and yet be willing to do anything. Unfortunately, he didn't see a potential candidate amongst the people he'd come here with...certainly he'd meet someone eventually though. So thinking, he grabbed his things off the table and joined the others as they headed further into the facility.


Female Guard
The female guard stood with the air of somebody that thought they had far better things to do than handing out badges like a tour guide. Cocking her head to one side she listened as one of the new recruits asked for specifics about his job and whether or not there was a bar. Despite being small in stature; the epitome of petite there was a fierceness about the woman as her dark eyes regarded the man before her "I am sorry, I am knowing no more details...and Isaac cannot be reading legal short hand..." she spoke in heavily accented English that betrayed her middle eastern heritage "but you're in Engineering? Stieg will tell you what you need to do he is a good man, as for your other question, one hundred men in middle of frozen wasteland? of course there being bar" the woman said with a laugh as she handed over the collection of cards to him.
In the end it hadn't Isaac who had to perform the search but the Israeli woman and it hadn't been anywhere near as invasive as she had feared. Stood within the surprisingly well furnished reception area she listened as Isaac fumbled his way through the list of names suppressing her desire to heckle him after the treatment she'd received at the hands of his commanding officer.
Upon hearing her name called out she collected her cards stuffing the first two into the top pocket of her jumpsuit before examining her room key "Room one which one of you poor sods is my neighbour?" she asked the group with a grin on her face.
Having finished reading from the clipboard Isaac gives the group a few minutes to examine what they had been given before leading them into one of the lifts which was plenty large enough to accommodate them all without the need to invade each others personal space in the process "Ok well work will begin first thing tomorrow so you have the rest of today off...I am going to take you all down to your habitation block so that you can familiarise yourself with you new rooms and the attached facilities though you will need to report in with your area managers; Peadar and Olaf you'll need to speak with Stieg Erickson where as Domenic, Sara and Mark you'll need to speak with Mr Weiland meanwhile I'll come and collect you later Ethan once captain Speer's ready for you" Isaac instructed the group as the lift continued its descent.
It took several minutes before the lift finally stopped moving and the doors opened into the main facility "OK guys Charlie block is this way" he said before leading them down the magnolia painted corridors towards where they would be staying. There were four habitation blocks in total each with there own quarters, canteen and washing facilities. The bar and gym along with a handful of other facilities however were shared and could be accessed by all.
"Ok guys here we are I'll leave you all to get unpacked and your gear should already be in you rooms" Isaac announced upon entering the large canteen area for their block which other than themselves was completely deserted.


Ethan Received his room key along with his credit card and ID. Shortly after that Harriet received hers. With a grin on her face she asked which one of them was her neighbor. Her room was one eleven. Ethan hesitated but after a few seconds he checked the number on his key "oh hell, of all people" he moaned loudly. Suddenly he realized his stay here wouldn't be as comfortable and quiet as he thought it would've been. He turned towards Harriet and said "listen,.... just stay out of my way and ill stay out of yours, alright" he sighed and followed Isaac towards the elevators.

The elevators were, to Ethan's surprise large enough so that none of them were squashed against each other. Isaac briefed them on where they had to go and who they were to go to. Ethan was to be taken to captain Speer later. Once the lift stopped Ethan stepped out and admired the handiwork and paint jobs done on the corridors. Nice one they had a gym. That would be the first place Ethan would visit, but first he needed a shower. He could feel his grey army shirt sticking to his skin from the heat. He walked to his room, room 112. The room was neatly furnished. There was a bed on the right hand side corner against the wall the bed sheets and pillow were in plain white. A sofa sat in the middle of the room with a flat screen TV hung on the wall in front of it. To the left of him was the door to the toilet. "not bad" he muttered in his breath as he was walking out of the toilet. His baggage was in the middle of the room probed against the sofa. He left it where it was for now. First he took of his boots and left them against the corner. He got out of his clothes and entered the shower. The fall of hot water against his skin gave him goosebumps. After a 5 minutes in the shower he got out of it and dried himself with the towel provided, wrapping it against his waist he walked to his bag and took out his shaving kit. He shaved and washed his face in the sink. After all he wanted to make a good first impression. Once dry he got into fresh clothes, black tracksuit bottoms and navy blue T-shirt. Once he was dressed and all dry he decided to head to the bar to see if Olaf or Dominic were there.


At Harriet's asking about her neighbors, Peadar looked at his room number. "109. Right next door." At the statement that they had the rest of the day off, Peadar did something he didn't think he'd be doing. "I'm gonna celebrate tonight. Anyone is welcome. Hopefully they didn't take my liquid luggage." Peadar laughed then immediately regretted his decision. Why did he offer that invitation? He really messed up. Peadar didn't want to be social but every minute it seemed like he was being more and more friendly.

Peadar decided to forget this for now, following Isaac to the overly spacious lift that shuttled the group down to their living quarters. When they arrived, Peadar was impressed with the facilities. They were as good as the Dublin Hilton. After Isaac left the group to their whims, Peadar headed off to his room. It was a very nice room, better than Peadar's apartment, even before the attack. After cleaning and shaving, Peadar looked through his luggage, proving that everything was still there. After pulling out a record player, Peadar plugged it in, and set a record on the turntable. As Jailbreak began playing, Peadar tested out the drinks by sampling a bit of the green fairy.

Lord Regal

The West Team
Harriet's jibe prompted everyone to check their room number. Xenon wanted to show that he was different, but ultimately couldn't resist a peek. If he'd been the type to laugh, he'd have done so, and boisterously at that. As it was he simply smiled slightly, which while cold and not reaching his eyes, was still a huge display of emotion for the man. 113...oh, the irony, giving the "cursed" number to a criminal who'd never been caught. Well, it'll turn out to be unlucky for them, not me.

Xenon kept quiet on the way down, moving only to look scornfully at Peadar when he suggested partying. "In case you didn't hear, we need to check in with our superiors. Plus we're starting work tomorrow. Surely you won't want to start your first day hung over? That'd be sure to impress them." His tone was dry, emotionless, and yet incredibly condescending. By this point they'd reached their destination, and Xenon quickly went inside his room, not wanting to communicate with the others. His first priority was to shave. He hated having facial hair, and the months of sleep had meant he'd developed quite the beard. The feel of the hair was simply awful, and was easy to fake facial hair for a disguise...but to hide real scruff, that was much harder. His hair was long too, but he preferred it that way. His last job had forced him to keep it shorter than he liked, and this was closer to his actual preference.

Cleaned up, he returned to the main section of his room and unpacked, making sure to properly hide his disguise kits. His only complaint was he hadn't had room to pack a fat suit, and besides it was far too suspicious. The rest of it could be explained away...he wore a wig at times for a change of pace, same with facial hair...the makeup could be for any number of reasons, such as acne. A fat suit wouldn't have a use aside from disguising one's appearance...he'd have to make his own on the station, as well as obtain modified shoes for raising his height. It wasn't ideal, but at least he had something to work with...

Unpacked, he lay down on the bed, then realized he'd forgotten to sweep for bugs. He scanned every inch of the room with his eyes, looking for cameras. Ever paranoid, he gazed everywhere with intense scrutiny, and a visual search revealed nothing. He was about to get up and be even more thorough, but then realized that there'd be extensive lawsuits if they were spying on their workers. Harriet, being a prisoner, might be under surveillance, but as a supposed law-abiding citizen he had rights. Besides, even if there WAS a camera in the room, they couldn't prove his disguise kit was for anything sinister. He could always pass it off as props for a joke...scaring coworkers under a plethora of guises so that he was never caught. Nothing to worry about. Any audio bugs he didn't concern himself with, as he didn't intend to talk much in his room.

So finished, he leaned back and finally let himself relax a bit, waiting to be called by this Mr. Weilman to report in.


After Harriet's comment Doemenic looked down at his room key. Room 101. Just his luck.
"I'm gonna celebrate tonight. Anyone is welcome. Hopefully they didn't take my liquid luggage." Said the Irishman.
"I'll come." Replied Doemenic, at which point the man with glasses promptly stated that they wouldn't want to do that.
Doemenic scowled, like that was going to stop him. He was going to get that drink at all costs.
Leaving the group he moved down the corridor to his quarters. Unlocking the door he stepped into the well furnished room, complete with touchscreen TV/data terminal mounted into the wall, and of course, a dog-eared paperback copy of 1984 sitting on the bedside table. Great, whoever prepped his room had a sense of humour. Whoopee.
His small travel bag lay on the bed, Doemenic moved over and opened it. He hadn't packed that much, he didn't need to.
He packed the spare set of clothes into the dresser and placed his datachips, comlink and PDA onto the bedside table, knocking 1984 onto the floor.
Not bothering to pick the book up Doemenic stuffed his comlink into his trouser pocket before turning and leaving the room. Locking it behind him, he began to move through the levels, searching for the bar.

English Bill

Olaf was so busy finding out about the bar that he missed the canary's comment completely and looked slightly puzzled by everyone's reactions as they looked at their keys. Dismissing it he grinned broadly at the female security officer and said, 'Many thanks, I owe you drink.' He then rushed to catch up to the others at the lift.

"I'm gonna celebrate tonight. Anyone is welcome. Hopefully they didn't take my liquid luggage." Said the Irishman and Dominic replied that he would go.
'Me counted in,' Olaf added happily as he slapped both men on the shoulders and followed them into the lift. 'I go to bar too and get enough drink for sinking the ship.'

Olaf's laugh boomed and echoed in the lift before he cut it off with an amused but embarresed expression.

When they got to the canteen, Olaf dropped his gear and immediately began looking for signs of alcohol sales.


"Aw...and I thought we were going to be the best of friends, neighbour" Harriet taunted slapping the marine on his back just a little too hard to be friendly as she passed him to step into the lift "...I just hope you're not a light sleeper" she finished with a knowing smile as the lift doors closed.
As the lift made its long descent into the frozen bowels of the earth she took the opportunity to examine her ID card, grimacing at the photo they'd used; it was an old, very old picture of her from before she'd been arrested her long shimmering blond hair held back with a pale blue head band that matched her eyes and the straps of the floral summer dress just visible at the bottom of the picture, it was like looking at a completely different person and she'd never forgive her father for sending them this picture.
It was as she was returning the card to her pocket that Peadar announced that he wanted to celebrate with Olaf and the computer geek both quickly agreeing to come along only to have the idea shot down by Mark as being unwise since they had to work the following morning "Oh you're about as much fun as the bubonic plague" Harriet retorted throwing Mark a dirty look "I'll come along Paddy, its not like they can fire me as Daddy's little girl still has time to of you boys will just have to make sure I am back home by ten" she said pulling up the right leg of her jumpsuit to display the small black bracelet about her ankle, it seemed they weren't taking any chances with her not that she had anywhere to run to.
After being left in the canteen Harriet left the others in order to head for her room finding it as she had expected it to be; small, neat and comfortable but not particularly fancy and reminding her of a Premiere Inn.
Locking the door behind her she strips out of all of her clothes, quickly bundling them up and throwing them straight into the bin before walking over to the hold all bag sat by her bed interested to see what it would contain as unlike the others she hadn't actually packed it herself. Undoing the zip she finds a single large polythene bag with her name and the metropolitan police logo stamped on it containing all of her personal possessions from the day she was arrested with the obvious exception of the .44 Ruger Redhawk she'd been carrying that day, along with another package wrapped in brown paper.
Putting the other package to one side for the time being she rips open the polythene bag and quickly pulls on the clothes within, a bright red vest top, a pair of faded jeans that were just a tad too tight and an equally bright pair of red converse trainers.
Feeling more like a person as opposed to a criminal Harriet sat on the side of the bed and carefully unwrapped the package finding a bundle of clothes inside along with a note written in her sister’s neat, precise handwriting.
Although the note was short and awkwardly written by somebody who truly didn't know what to say but wanted to help the best they could, tears still welled up in the corners of her eyes as she realised how truly alone and far from home she was. Harriet found just enough will power to neatly fold up the note and place it on her bedside table before breaking down completely.
The Bar
Roughly positioned in the middle of the four habitation blocks the bar was furnished in dark wood panelling and boasted both a pool table and a dance floor, the retro style juke box currently playing some kind of pop song to the two other patrons within the bar, the only people currently not working.
Behind the bar itself the Barman smiled at those who walked in as he cleaned down the bar top for what had to be the fiftieth time this day before asking "Can I get you anything?" although they couldn't quite put their finger on it there was something not quite right about the barman; his skin seemed just a little too pale and clear and his eyes just a little too wide with blue irises' that were an almost neon shade of blue.
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Doemenic eventually found the bar, crammed inbetween the blocks it was decorated in old style wooden paneling with an additional pool table, dance floor and battered retro jukebox. Generally the bar looked like something from the mid to late twentieth century, though why they had gone for this look the alcoholic Aussie could not fathom.
"Can I get you anything?" Asked the barman as he wiped the bartop down. The barman was pale and wide neon blue eyes, creepy.
"A whiskey please." Said Doemenic, wondering whether the drinks were complimentary, taken out of their wages, or just simply extra.
As the barman served him he looked around for the others, Olaf, the marine, the Irishman and the Canary hadn't arrived yet.
Doemenic took his drink, taking another look at the barman's demeanour, although not daring to ask about it.
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