Below Absolute Zero

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Lights flickered in the shadows overhead as the two men dressed in faded blue overalls walked through the low ceilinged tunnel that had been carved into the ice and rock, their breath misting out before them as they spoke quietly to one another so as not to disturb the silence that seemed to seep out from the very shadows around them “I keep telling you those damn solar panels are useless” the larger of the two complained eyeing the light fittings overhead irritably as they continued to flicker and buzz “And I keep telling you that the panels are fine its this damn planet that’s the problem, how’s anything supposed to work when its under three inches of solid ice?” The other man seems to consider this for a few moments before conceding the point to his colleague with a nod of agreement, having already had this particular argument several times before already.
The silence is suddenly broken by a harsh blaring of an alarm coming from the second man’s communicator spurring his colleague to laugh at his misfortune “Every single time, it’s almost like they wait till clocking off time before telling me there’s a problem” he curses fumbling with the small black plastic device with gloved hands; even though they were underground it was still perishingly cold down here though nothing when compared to the frozen hell above them.
Quickly swiping through the information with his index finger the man curses before looking up at his colleague with a resigned look on his face “So much for taking it easy, sector four has lost all power to its heating systems damn machines will be frozen solid within a few hours if I don’t fix it”
“It’s after six; just send a skin to do it”
“Nah I don’t trust those damn things besides it’s probably only a circuit breaker, it’s the least I could do considering how long I have left”
“Yeah, yeah no need to rub it in” the larger man said with a grin as his friend mentioned for what had to be the hundredth time today that his tour was almost up and within two days time he would be on the shuttle leaving this frozen rock for good just as soon as he had briefed the latest batch of suckers stupid enough to sign up.
“Alright Mack the first drinks on me alright?”
“Sure thing Stieg, see you back at El Dorado” he replied before turning to head the opposite direction leaving his friend to catch a ride on the waiting truck.

Within about twenty minutes of leaving his friend he’d located the heavy duty steel door, a large number “4” stencilled upon its surface, already sealed for the night though the chill of the room beyond was still noticeable despite the heated clothing he wore. Turning the wheel he pushes open the door and steps into the room, a series of lights activated by a PIR instantly springing into life as he did so illuminating the giant cavern like room in which he’d entered.
Not wanting to return back to the main facility any later than he already would be Mack moves quickly skirting the large pieces of machinery housed within looking like giant prehistoric creatures within the gloom. A sudden scraping sound coming from somewhere within the room causes him to stop and scan the area behind him however seeing nobody else within this section he merely shrugs it off before continuing on to the fenced off area on the far side of the area.
Cracking the frost already beginning to form on the padlock he pushes open the gate with a squeal of poorly oiled hinges that making him grit his teeth; the area was packed with the various substations and transformers required to keep this section running including the heating system that prevented the planets freezing atmosphere from turning all the oil within the machinery to solid ice.
Walking down past the rows of humming electrical equipment he quickly locates the section he requires, dropping to his knees in order to properly inspect it using the small pen light he kept in his breast pocket.
It didn’t take him long to find the cause of the failure but it wasn’t a blown circuit breaker, something or someone had severed one of the main HV lines cutting all power from the heating system, not an easy task when you consider the cable was around an inch thick and coated in steel wire to prevent such an occurrence.
Carefully picking up the severed cable Mack wonders what could be the cause of the damage was it a careless accident or something slightly more sinister?
It wasn’t the first time that Blackwater Industries had been infiltrated by some form of criminal element whose sole purpose was to sabotage its equipment and endanger the lives of its personnel in the name of the environment, capitalism or human/ android rights.
It was as he was puzzling over this that he heard that same scraping sound once more, turning round he gets just enough to time for his eyes to grow wide with fear and utter a strangled cry before his time within the company was irrevocably cut short once and for all.

Two days later
“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, today is march 23rd in the year 2100 and we are currently within orbit of the planet Niflheim” the young woman announced cheerily to the group of still drowsy people before her, the permanently fixed smile never wavering for a second as she spoke with a near manic cheerfulness “Now you have all been in deep sleep for the best part of three months and so any feelings of; Nausea, disorientation, dizziness or headaches are perfectly normal and should pass within the next few hours, however if any of these symptoms do persist please do not hesitate to contact one of the medical team” dressed in a pale blue suit and a pair of equally expensive high heeled shoes it was clear that to those assembled within the small meeting room into which they had been ushered after only a few minutes of being awake that she wasn’t part of either the ships crew or those who would be shortly making planet fall.
Running her perfectly manicured fingers through shoulder length golden hair she smiles out at those in front of her before proceeding to continue the brief “Now as you all know Station 9 or El Dorado as some of its residence like to call it is one of Blackwater industries main mining facilities and it….” The woman stops to frown as one of her audience, a young woman with very short jet black hair and dressed in a bright yellow jumpsuit clearly the only person within the room not wearing their own clothes suddenly darts out of her chair to be violently sick into a nearby bin, a man in a dark blue naval uniform quickly moving to follow her. However had any of the people within the room thought that he had done so out some kind of concern for the woman then those thoughts were quickly dismissed as no sooner had she finished that he hauled her back onto her feet and roughly deposited her back into a chair at the back of the room where she awkwardly tried to wipe her mouth with a pair of manacled hands as well as looking extremely embarrassed about the whole situation “Right…well if I can be allowed to continue” the blonde says irritably the only crack to appear within her cheery façade “Now you will all be assigned your roles within the facility depending on past work experience once you make planet fall and an in depth planetary brief will be provided once you are on the shuttle. Now since we have a few minutes before shuttle will be ready to depart you can use the time to get to know one another and if any of you have any questions you wish to ask me please don’t hesitate to ask”

You are all members of a group of operatives about to start their five year tour within the mining facility Station 9 on the plant Niflheim, Why you have decided to work on a bleak and potentially hazardous planet I’ll leave up to you; perhaps you require the ludicrously high wages? May haps you are running from something or someone or perhaps you merely wished to visit the stars either way you are here.
Now this is a private mining facility ran by the corporation Blackwater Industries and although there is a small security contingent upon the planet the bulk of available positions are for “civilians” however I’ll let most other things go.
Technology is only slightly advanced of our own although obviously great leaps in both space travel and genetic engineering have been made.
I have decided to try out a new skill system as I felt the one I used previously was a little cumbersome not to mention complex, now I think I’ve explained it pretty well but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.
Right everybody starts with five points with which to place on skills, each skill can only have a maximum of three points on it and the choice of skills is entirely up to you and can be as broad or narrow as you wish (OP’s Note: If anybody is stupid enough to choose “everything” as a skill I will have a giant pink rabbit crush their character to death within my first post ;)) this is how the levels work.

Lvl 0- Basic - This is a completely free skill and you may have as many as you like (within reason) these skills represent bare bones knowledge such as very basic first aid or kung fu learnt from playing Street fighter and as such are not to be relied on.

Lvl 1- Trained – This represent either some kind of formal training or natural talent for instance a paramedic would have a lvl 1 in first aid and a soldier would have a lvl 1 in small arms.

Lvl 2 – Advanced – Not only has your character had formal training but is in fact pretty good at this particular skill and so stands a high chance of success. This would probably be either a doctor or a surgeon though it would also be just as appropriate for an Olympic runner.

Lvl 3 – Expert - you are one of the best in your particular field and although failure can still happen it isn’t likely for instance a veteran marine sniper would have a lvl 3 in Marksmanship. People like Jimi Hendrix and Albert Einstein would also fall under this category for their own particular fields

These work in exactly the same way as skills albeit in reverse (-1 minor, -2 major – 3 Crippling. For obvious reasons there are no lvl 0 flaws) and as such are completely optional. However for each -1 flaw you take you may take an additional 1 skill point. So for instance if I was to take arachnophobia as a -2 flaw I could then spend an additional 2 points on something else the down side being that should I ever encounter a spider my character would run away like a schoolgirl which is rather embarrassing for a veteran marine sniper.
Flaws cover everything from disabilities, phobias, character flaws and being just plain rubbish at something.

As usual normal campfire rules apply, if you ever get confused or are unsure about something feel free to ask me in either a pm or through OOC and I’ll try and answer your question. As a warning to you all characters can die in this Rp though I won’t be going out of my way to do so and any PvP combat should it arise will be settled by myself. Now with all that said have fun.
Blackwater Industries - Off-World Operative Application Form

Gender: Male/Female (Delete as applicable)
Age: (Note all applicants must be of a minimum age of 18)
Former occupation (If Any):
Physical Description (Including identifying marks such as Scars, tattoos and birthmarks):

Do you have any skills or hobbies?:-
Skills/Flaws: 5pts

Personal Items (Note: all items must be able to fit inside a single hold all bag. Warning! Any offensive weapons or contraband discovered will be confiscated):

Tell us a little about yourself?:


Name: Olaf Scarr
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Nationality: Norwegian
Former occupation (If Any): Oil Miner, Dock Worker, Drilling Supervisor
Physical Description (Including identifying marks such as Scars, tattoos and birthmarks):
Olaf is a huge man with thick muscles formed from years of heavy labour. His skin is hard and weathered and his dark red hair and beard are permenantly unkempt. His face is broad and flat with a large nose but friendly eyes and he is usually smiling. Two massive tribal tattoos coil up both arms from wrists to neck.

Do you have any skills or hobbies?:-Skills/Flaws: 5pts
Basic engineering (1) Basic mechanics (1) Strong/Heavy lifting (2) Drinking/Constitution (2) Charismatic (1)
Uneducated (-1) Pacifist (-1)

Personal Items (Note: all items must be able to fit inside a single hold all bag. Warning! Any offensive weapons or contraband discovered will be confiscated):
Heavy duty work clothes including boots, gloves and helmet / Basic mechanics & engineering tools / Letters and photos from wife / Basic grooming and wash gear.

Tell us a little about yourself?:
Olaf has worked his entire life in the heavy industry sector, eventually reaching the position of foreman in the company of the man who would later become his father in law. For Olaf life was good. He is a simple man who gets on well with his fellow workers and always mucks in on jobs. He is not afraid of hard work and enjoys challenges.
Most of all however, Olaf loves his wife Bridgitte. He would do anything for her. This meant that when she became I'll, he sold everything to pay the medical fees. It wasn't enough though and despite her father helping as best he could, Olaf was left with one option. The wages offered by the mining facility Station 9

Olaf is a kind and simple man. He hates violance despite his size and strength but he enjoys drink and food. Everything he does is with his wife in mind.


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Blackwater Industries - Off-World Operative Application Form

Name: Peadar McManus

Gender: Male

Age (Note all applicants must be of a minimum age of 18): 35

Nationality: Green Irish

Former occupation (If Any): soldier, shopkeeper, fabricator of mechanical parts

Physical Description (Including identifying marks such as Scars, tattoos and birthmarks):
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 174lb
Eye Colour: green
Hair Colour: red
Identifying Marks: tattoo of Irish tricolour on right upper arm, rifle and shillelagh on top of harp crossed on left upper arm

Skills and/or hobbies: crafting various mechanical devices (mostly simple trinkets),

Skills/Flaws: 5pts
Skills: rifle use- 2, pistol/revolver use- 1, fabrication- 2, assembly of mechanical devices- 2, first aid and care- 1, managerial and clerical work- 1
Flaws: fierce temper -1, extreme cynicism -1, limp requiring walking stick -2

Declaration of Personal Items In Company Provided Carry On Bag (Warning! Any offensive weapons or contraband discovered will be confiscated): pocket 3D printer, Yutani Poketto Konpyūta (pocket computer), small box of for 3D printer powderized steel, small box of for 3D printer powderized bronze, overnight kit, change of clothes, Irish tricolour flag, flag of Leinster

Tell us a little about yourself: I was born in a small Irish town called An Fál Carrach, and have always been part of the ongoing issues with the proposed unification of Ireland and Northern Ireland. At the age of 18, I joined an tArm (the army of Ireland), becoming part of the cavalry corps. After two tours of duty peacekeeping in Canada, and one tour peacekeeping in Mongolia, I served the remainder of my second term performing border duties, based in Contae Lú. After I was discharged, I established a shop in Dún Dealgan, Contae Lú, specializing in the fabrication of metal parts, a skill I learned during my service. Earlier this year, my shop was destroyed in an Ulster Unionist attack. This job is my chance to gain enough capital to establish a new shop, possibly in Baile Átha Cliath or Corcaigh.


Name: Sara Rukin
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Nationality: Unknown
Former occupation (If Any): Dominatrix, industrial spy
Physical Description (Including identifying marks such as Scars, tattoos and birthmarks): Medium height, with long blond curling hair and blue eyes, she combines a sexy but intelligent look. She has no tracable accent, however, when stressed or angry, a hint of britishness can come through

Do you have any skills or hobbies?:-
Skills: Beautiful - 2, Stealth - 2, Speed - 2, Lying - 2, Memory - 2, Deduction - 2, Martial Arts - 2

Flaws: Selfish -2 Arrogant - 2, Distrul - 1, Untrustworthy - 2, No Moral Compass - 2

Personal Items (Note: all items must be able to fit inside a single hold all bag. Warning! Any offensive weapons or contraband discovered will be confiscated): Optical Recorder/Camera (like a contact lens), High Power binoculars, Grapple Device (Think Just Cause 2), Pocket Computer equipped with hacking programs, Hallucinogenic Lipstick

Tell us a little about yourself?: Seph grew up in a neighbourhood which didn't exactly promote female rights, she soon learnt that all powerful men want a girl, and so she became that girl. She learnt valuable skills about stealing stuff and setting other people up to take the fall, after she'd made enough, she left that area and sold her skills to companies, finding our rival companies secrets etc. and either exposing them or blackmailing companies with their secrets or selling them, whichever would earn her money. After a lifetime of dog eat dog she trusts very few people and always has one eye swiveling round, looking for traps. Also, she will betray someone at the drop of a hat if she needs to as well as do anything that she deems necessary.
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Name: Ethan Murphy

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Nationality: Alaskan

Former occupation (If Any): Marine, mechanic

Physical Description (Including identifying marks such as Scars, tattoos and birthmarks):
Height: 5'8
Weight: 76 Kg
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Hair Colour: Black
Identifying Marks: Black tribal design on right forearm and a marine corps Logo on right arm.

Do you have any skills or hobbies?:-
Skills/Flaws: 5pts
Long Range eliminations 3
Military close combat 2
mechanics 2
Boxing 3
Mathematics -2
interaction with others -1
Geology -2

Personal Items (Note: all items must be able to fit inside a single hold all bag. Warning! Any offensive weapons or contraband discovered will be confiscated):
Shaving kit, Journal, spare clothes, Picture of deceased parents,and another picture of himself and his squad in the marines. several books on weapons and martial arts.

Tell us a little about yourself?:
Ethan's parents died in a car crash when he was 15. He bounced from foster home to foster home till he was seventeen. He joined the marine corps at 17, he regarded the marine corps as the family he lost. He was hardened during his time in the corps and expanded his knowledge of military combat and long range shooting. When he was discharged he went back to Alaska and worked in his father's old garage which was taken over by his uncle.
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Blackwater Industries - Off-World Operative Application Form

Name: Doemenic Jackson
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Nationality: Australian
Former occupation (If Any): IT Specialist
Physical Description 5'6, 151 lbs, bald, several age lines, large bags under eyes, tattoo of an orange sun on the back of his left shoulder.

Do you have any skills or hobbies?:-
Skills: IT +2 Electronic Engineering +2 Mathematics +2 +1 General Intellect
Flaws: -1 Physical fitness -1 Alcoholic

Personal Items (Note: all items must be able to fit inside a single hold all bag. Warning! Any offensive weapons or contraband discovered will be confiscated): PDA, comlink, 10-pack of data storage chips and a spare set of clothing.

Tell us a little about yourself?: Graduated from school in Perth with flying colours in IT, Maths & EE and went on to obtain degrees in all three, before working as an IT specialist for several global companies, two years ago his wife Sienna was killed in a brutal car accident, after spending a year or so in alcoholism with his career in behind he left to join Blackwater Industries, wanting to try and make a new start, leaving Earth behind.
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Name: Mark Wells
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Nationality: American
Former occupation (If Any): Head strategist, project manager, event arranger
Physical Description (Including identifying marks such as Scars, tattoos and birthmarks):
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: blue
Other Features: glasses

Do you have any skills or hobbies?:-
Skills/Flaws: 5pts
Skills: Coercion - 2, Disguising - 3, Strategy - 2, Intelligence - 2, Melee Combat - 1, Ranged Combat - 1
Flaws: Secretive - 2, Ruthless - 2, Lack of Emotions - 2

Personal Items: Disguise kit, locket (around neck), spare clothes, gold pocket watch.

Tell us a little about yourself?: I've worked on various projects over the years, with a success rate I'm incredibly proud of. My most recent job was working as an event arranger for the ChronoWatch company, prior to the horrible fire that ruined the business about one year ago. Unfortunately, I put quite a sizable amount of money into that company, and find myself needing money. My talents are centered around heading projects and obtaining information. I can assure you that I always see a project through to the end, and I promise you that you won't regret hiring me.


Xenon blinked woozily, attempting to shake off the disorientation that the woman was describing. He rolled his eyes as a woman in a yellow jumpsuit ran off to be violently ill, wondering how someone could have that little control over their body. He wasn't looking forward to spending the next five years on this blasted station, but he couldn't help it...ever since he'd blown up the Chrono Project's headquarters in revenge for his being used. He chuckled slightly as he rememberd his application form. Technically all of his "jobs" were the truth, but he'd left out the parts about them all being highly illegal. The Prison Break...the manipulation of past events to create a future where the Chrono Project members were better off...those were the truths behind the simple jobs he'd listed.

The woman told them to get to know each other on the last couple minutes before docking, and he simply shook his head slightly. He had no interest in making friends. In his line of work, they were a weakness, and he couldn't afford it. He was planning on going straight back to his standard ways, albiet with more money for the next project. These people were nothing to him, and he planned on keeping it that way. He'd only been close to one person, and that...


Ethan looked up as the man in uniform aided the sick woman. His stomach churning he fought back the urge of vomiting and swallowed over and over again. He always thought it helped him bring down sickness. Too busy in thought he missed most of what the woman in front said except the part to get to know each other. Ethan was never good at interacting with people instead he preferred to be on his own. People always thought he was weird or mentally disabled because he chose to stay away from large crowds and going out drinking. The marine had been his family he was treated like an equal there people respected his talents with a sniper and his knowledge of mechanics and close combat. He missed those days. "where's the toilet" He asked the lady who was briefing them making his way back to reality.


Olaf smiled to himself as he watched everyone around him fight with their nausia. It was times like this that he was thankful he was blessed with a strong belly.

He stretched and flexed his thick muscles as he listened to the young lass talk, working the blood flow to ease the sensation of pins and needles that was starting to form. He also looked around the room at the others who he would be working with. They looked like a rag tag bunch but he had expected that. He guessed the woman at the back must be some kind of convict and that unnerved him slightly but he tried not to judge.
Just remember why you're here, he mumbled to himself and his right hand unconsciously moved to his left, turning his tarnished wedding ring around between his fingers.

''Now since we have a few minutes before shuttle will be ready to depart you can use the time to get to know one another and if any of you have any questions you wish to ask me please don’t hesitate to ask” said the young guide.
Olaf could see the sense in what she said so leaning over to the closest person he offered his massive hand in greeting. 'Name is Olaf. Good to be meeting you.'

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The Guide
The look on the young ladies face betrayed the fact that she had been hoping for a somewhat more taxing question as one of those assembled asked for directions to the toilets "oh...err they're through that door and on the left" she said the disappointment clear in her voice as she pointed out the door at the back of the room. She hadn't had the job long and as a junior member of the Blackwater industries staff had pulled the short straw of having to do the off planet briefings.
At first she had found the whole prospect of seeing new worlds and meeting different people exciting but the bitter truth had soon hit her; the worlds were often bleak and dangerous and her time upon them no longer than it took to refuel the shuttle, as for the people half of them were barely conscious when she gave them her talk leaving her somewhat disenchanted but hey maybe something interesting would happen this time around?
The Canary
Dressed in a bright yellow jumpsuit and a pair of handcuffs about her wrists it was clear to everyone within the room that she was a convict making her the lowest of the low and considering that these people had volunteered for off planet work that was pretty low.
"Excuse you have a tissue I can use?" she quietly asks the man wearing glasses sat in the chair in front of her in a posh British accent that spoke of old money and an expensive education.
"I am Harriet by the way" she added with the barest of smiles touching her lips before disappearing once again though it was in that moment that you were able grasp how pretty she was despite her best efforts to hide it; her hair had been cut into an extremely short pixie cut and was the shade of black that you could only get from a bottle. In each of her ears there was a small stud earring and a further stud in her lower lip with three red tear drop tattoos beneath her right eye.
With her rather feeble and probably sole introduction made she waits to see how the man would react.


"Umm, thanks" Said Ethan to the guide and stood up of his chair and was walking towards the the toilet when he heard the woman in the jumpsuit ask for a tissue. He turned around thinking she was talking to him but instead she was talking to the man sitting in front of her who seemed to be deep in thought. He turned around and continued towards the toilets. He entered the male toilets and stood against the mirror looking at himself. He made a mental note to shave later when he settled in. He turned on the tap and washed his face and splashed some water on his hair. He looked up to the mirror again the water dropping of his short dark hair and rolling of his chin. He took off the shirt he was wearing to reveal muscly arms and hands. The Marine Corps tattoo was half shown underneath the T-shirt. He took a moment and stared at it, he longed to be back. He didn't belong here the marine was his home, he had no one out here his parents died when he was young he had no brothers or sisters no known relatives except his uncle. Quickly he shrugged off all the thoughts and dried his hair and face with the shirt he wore. As he was walking out towards the door he stopped turned around and headed towards a cubicle and pulled out a handful of tissues."just in case the man with the glasses didn't have any" he thought.


Talk to people. Right. Peadar wasn't feeling very talkative, especially after just waking up from whatever sort of sleep they put him in. He wasn't a space scientist and didn't know the science behind interplanetary travel. The blonde, who obviously didn't want to introduce the new workers to Station 9, didn't help much. There was a bit of entertainment from the puking prisoner, and that cheered Peadar up a bit. Maybe he would talk to her later.

A man, American by the sound of it, asked for the bathroom. If Peadar needed it in the next few minutes, the intel would be helpful. If not, no loss in losing that intel. Another man, a Scandinavian by the name of Olaf, asked somebody else their name. Finally, the jailbird asked the guy next to her if he had a tissue. To Peadar's surprise, she sounded like a Briton! Oh well. Maybe she was a revolutionary or a protestor. "He looks like he's Rodin's new inspiration." Peadar reached into his carryon bag and took out his overnight bag. From that, he pulled out a pack of Kleenex and a small bottle of mouthwash. "Here ya go, Harriet. Nice name. I'm Peadar. What'd a Sloane Ranger like you do to get sent here?"

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Xenon looked around as the woman in front of her asked for a tissue, explaining her name was Harriet. "Don't have one," he said shortly, intending to leave it at that, then recognized that she clearly was a prisoner. "Mark" he replied, nodding in her direction, deciding not to use the name he went by in case someone else had heard of him. He operated based off of being completely unnoticed, and as such felt secure enough to not go with a disguise while on this stint. Besides, it was so much less work to use his real identity than to create another, though he'd done it before. All the authorities knew about him was his criminal name, Xenon, and that was because he wanted to avoid someone else taking credit for his works. He was about to ask why she was in cuffs when another passenger came up, handing her a tissue and interrupted him. He glowered at the man, clearly Irish, when he asked the same question Xenon was interested in, and returned his attention to Harriet. He wanted to know if he could potentially use her as a criminal helper...after all...five years in a lucrative mining facility was pretty ideal for committing robberies.


Doemenic listened as the blonde woman told them to expect nausea as they woke from deepsleep. Holding back the sick that was rising in his own throat, he watched as one man, an American, went to the toilet, and a Canary threw up and asked a man wearing glasses for a tissue.
"Name is Olaf. Good to be meeting you."
Doemenic looked up as a huge Norwegian introduced himself. "Doemenic Jackson." He replied curtly, shaking the man's hand. He was large and thickly muscled, probably a builder or miner.
He looked around at the other people in the room, there was Olaf, the reclusive man in glasses, who probably was applying for something in management by the looks of him, the Canary, another blonde woman, and an Irish fella, who was offering the Canary a tissue.
Doemenic sighed, rubbing his eyes, he needed a drink.


"Doemenic Jackson'' the man replied to Olaf's greeting and Olaf smiled a wide smiled.
'You know what happening?' Olaf asked. He had heard stories about these places and even worked with people who claimed to have been. He didn't believe half of them but this guy looked intelligent and in Olaf's experience intelligent people picked up on things he sometimes missed. Of course it didn't help that his English was a little weak and he was unsure of everything the guide had said.
'We go to facility now? I need good drink.' Olaf laughed softly to himself.


Ethan walked out of the toilet and was walking to his seat when he saw the 2 men greeting each other they were in the middle of a handshake when he scanned the room for the yellow jumpsuit lady and saw her sitting with a tissue in her hand. "ah well" he thought as he shoved the tissues he brought, into his trousers pocket. He continued walking towards his seat and sat down. He pulled his bag from under his chair and noticed the marine crest on it with several names signed all around it. He smiled and remembered his old platoon, the smile faded when it came to him that most of the people in his he remembered from his platoon were either dead or miles and miles away. He shook off the thoughts and stuffed his wet shirt into his bag. He might as well start making friends he thought "umm, hey guys I'm Ethan"
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"Well you're a right barrel of laughs aren't you" Harriet grumbles bad temperedly at Marks somewhat lacklustre introduction however with the arrival of the Irishman she manages to offer the man a smile as she takes the tissues and begins to wipe around her mouth listening to his questions as she did so.
"Simple, I got caught and then I had the misfortune to survive a mission in which I should have died...I was a Canary" she replies hoping that she wouldn't have to explain what a Canary was or how they'd gotten their name "a suit turned up about a week before we set off and made a deal for me to serve the rest of my time off planet...seems they have need of someone with my skills" she said with a shrug before tossing the used tissue in the general direction of the bin.
Fumbling with the bottle of mouthwash she offers both Peadar and Mark a sly smile as she finally manages to unscrew the cap "I am surprised none of you recognise me...I was kind of famous for a while you know?" upon hearing this particular gem the guard beside her offers an incredulous look before shaking his head in disbelief as if he couldn't quite believe that she was telling these people who she was.
Ignoring the contempt offered by her guard she takes a drink from the bottle of mouthwash and hands it back to the Irishman before spinning around and spitting the contents into the guards face.
Finding himself suddenly blinded, the guard frantically wipes at his face giving Harriet the opportunity she needed to dive from out of her chair and sprint towards the nearest door the only person between her and the rest of the ship was Ethan "Get out of the way!" she screams determined to escape despite her lack of a plan, but never mind she'd become pretty good at thinking on the run.
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Ethan was staring at the woman in the yellow jumpsuit as she was explaining who she was. Not caring much he turned his head to look at who else was on this journey. Looking back once more at the jump suit lady he stared and before he could make of what was happening she was charging for the door and following his instincts Ethan ran towards her and remembering his training he kneeled on one knee and wrapped his hands around her waist, quickly he stood up lifting her with him and turned sideways and not too hard laid her on the ground.
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Canary. Peadar had no idea what a canary was, except in the industrial sense of toxic or flammable gas detector. Maybe that's what Harriet meant. Peadar didn't think she was helping the Orange Irish, and even though she was a Briton, she seemed to be not a bad woman. "Sorry, Harriet. Haven't heard of you. I've been on the border since Mongolia. Haven't heard much about crime if it doesn't relate to the Isle."

After Peadar got his bottle back, he wondered if he should grab the waste bin for Harriet to spit in. A moment later, his question was answered when she spit it in the guard's eyes, blinding him and allowing her to get free. Peadar made no effort to stop her. Why should he? She wasn't the Enemy. The American who went to the bathroom didn't see it the same way, and he stopped her. Peadar got on his feet and walked to the two. To the American. "You're Marine Corps, aren't you? That's a MCMAP move. Marine recon platoon served with my calvary platoon in Canada." To Harriet. "It was a valiant attempt. Maybe I'll be able to help you again." He said this with a smile, not giving an indication as to whether he was serious.

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The Canaries...Xenon had heard something about an odd mission they'd undertaken...another Earth base, a space station...highly classified of course...but he'd heard a few snippets about it from one of his contacts...something about Xiomar Machiavelli, the Italian crime lord. Xenon had never cared for Machiavelli's tactics. They were too blatant and easy to follow. Everyone knew what he'd done, even if they couldn't link it to him in a manner able to hold up in court. Xenon, however, was completely anonymous. Only his mysterious name was known, nothing about who he was, and he preferred it that way. It was much safer, seeing as how Xiomar was thrown in prison and Xenon was still at large, so to speak. If this Harriet was part of that mission...she could be useful...

It was as he thought this that the Canary made a bid for freedom. It was clumsy and the man who had asked about the bathroom stopped her easily. Then again, maybe not he thought, shaking his head.
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