Bell's End - Recuiting

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Oldskoolturbo and Takenya are proud to announce their comeback tour for v2 :)
We have limited space available in the town of Bells End for active players of any class (though priority will be given to pure builders and experienced duellers)
Message me in game for an invite telling me why you would like to join us. All one line applications will be ignored
Kind regards,

p.s. I am on the look oout for my old donkey named "Geoffrey" if you find him please send him to town


Takenya = Oldskoolmrs? That almost makes me want to join a town on w16, but alas, I'll never FF as an advent again, so I'll just say good luck.


Hi Elmyr :) How's you doing matey? Yup it is Takenya= Oldskools Mrs :p We're back :rolleyes:
You are more than welcome to come along and join us matey ;) I'm sure She could find a place to fit you in :D lol


See Elmyr ... She wants to know when you are coming :D lol