Being able to sell / downgrade + sets

I have not found anything similar on search.

I think it would be nice to be able to downgrade aswell the upgraded items, or being able to sell them upgraded on the market.


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It's already been suggested and they haven't bothered changing it so best you choose wisely when you upgrade or don't do it at all like I do. ;)


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It's actually important to have mechanics that remove cash and items from the game, otherwise they just build up and up and the value of everything collapses. The issue now is that there's a small playerbase and it's incredibly difficult to get sets, so downgrading makes sense at this point in the games' life.

This has been asked for years, I've asked for it too, but it's not going to happen, I kinda doubt nuggeters flooding the market with their downgraded level 5 gear is gonna be good for anyone - I do wish we could at least pass on our older sets in an un-upgraded state to a new player.
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Was suggested many times indeed.

But to avoid over-flood and "abusing" , my suggestion was to 'lose something' while downgrading.

So, say, +1 item turns into 2x un-upgraded, therefore auctionable, items.
+2 you ask? Well, 6 (2x3 if you will)
And for +3.. 18.. (2x9)

Talking of over-flood tho it's not a rocket science that people won't downgrade their items until they become obsolete/outdated. So it's not an issue.

To think people keep their outdated gear and not use better ones just because they are upgraded..
Or that they don't want/can't afford Reskill to another build because of that.

And yea, such thing would make helping newbies much easier and would keep them around.

If they wanna make Downgrading via ('reasonable' amount of) Nuggets/Bonds only.. sure, whatevs

All of the above are win-win for Inno.


Easiest thing to remember with upgrading gear: Don't upgrade gear.

All new gear becomes obsolete within 3 days anyway so it's pointless upgrading it :D