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Chapter 1
Moving Army's: The main struggle in in the game is moving your army. The armies of the game can move from 1 region to another in a turn. But it also depends on the time of year. In Summer an army can move through 2 provinces in a turn depending if they win the battles or if its in their empire, in Winter armies can move through a province in only 1 turn do to the harsh weather, depending on which part of the map its on.

*Winter turns affect only very cold countries. They affect Canada, Europe in general, and Siberia.

*Summer turns affect all countries.

Winter turn affects do not affect the following continents:
-South America

These do not affect armies that move across deserts becuase there easy to mobilize and it wont be hard to find supplies for them to keep on going, but still for the following countries Summer turns stay at 1 also do to arid terrain.
-Western Sahara

Note: In the movement map they will be highlighted in yellow representing the turns affect.
Also, turns go by 12 months representing the year by months. March, April, and May represent Spring months that have the Summer affect. June, July, and August represent summer which have the summer affect. September, October, November represent fall but have the Winter affect. And December, January, Febuary represent winter for the winter affect.
Natural Disasters: While moving your army youll encounter disasters which will make it difficult to proceed. For example crossing the alps may be life threatening and cause a moderator to invent a natural disaster event which will realistically portray the disasters affect towards your army. It will be done randomly when any Army encounters a dramatic challenge. Also disaster events could happen to your countries population through lack of growth, poevrty, etc, appointed by the moderator.

Chapter 2
Infastructures: Infastructures improve your countries economy, wealth, and stability. Each building has a certain task to preform and will certainly do it.
The Infastructure doiser includes the bottom:

Food Revenue
Food Revenue is the part of the goverment that determines population growth through production of food. Every time you improve this revenue or buy one without improvement, new population is born. Each turn your country grows in a rate according to your food production source which may be one of the following. It also needs a certain number of population to be able to continue adding new food sources.

-Communal Farm Cost: $10.00 Billion Country can grow max 100,000 people. Rate: 1,000/turn
Population needed: N/A.

-Crop Rotation Cost:$20.00 Billion Country can grow max 500,000 people. Rate: 10,000/turn
Population needed: 50,000.

-Mixed Farming Cost: $30.00 Billion Country can grow max 1,000,000 people. Rate: 50,000/turn
Population needed: 500,000

-Fertilization Cost: $40.00 Billion Country can grow max 5,000,000 people. Rate: 100,000/turn
Population needed: 1,000,000

-Extensive Cattle Production Cost: $50.00 Billion Country can grow max 10,000,000 people. Rate: 500,000/turn Population needed: 5,000,000

-Pesticides Rotation Cost: $100.00 Billion Country can grow max 50,000,000 people. Rate: 1,000,000/turn Population needed: 15,000,000

-Biological Control Cost:$500.00 Billion Country can grow max 100,000,000 people. Rate: 5,000,000/turn Population needed: 50,000,000

-Extensive Supermarket Industry Cost: $1,000.00 Billion Country can grow max 500,000,000 people. Rate: 10,000,000/turn Population needed: 100,000,000

-Genetic Food Production Cost: $5,000.00 Billion Country can grow max 1,000,000,000 people. Rate: 50,000,000/turn Population needed: 500,000,000

-Futuristic Food Production Cost: $10,000.00 Billion Country can grow infinite number of people. Rate: 100,000,000/turn Population needed: 1,000,000,000

Upkeep: This is the way of paying of or mantaining an army, or another unit to be able to still
have them. This can be used to pay armies, weapons, etc.

Technology Branch
Technology branch is the part of the goverment that is incharge of researching new technologies that can have use in the battlefield. You can have tech. by buying these infastructures automatically, but the penalty is that you must wait a few turns to finish research.

-Barracks Research time: 1 turn Cost: $5.00 Billion Researches Infantry class.

-Dockyard Research time: 4 turns Cost: $500.00 Billion Researches all Naval vessels. (Except carrier)

-Airstrip Research time: 6 turns Cost: $1000.00 Billion Researches all Aircraft.

-Tank Encampment Research time: 4 turns Cost: $500.00 Billion Researches all tanks and artillery.

-Naval Dockyard Research time: 6 turns Cost: $5000.00 Billion Researches Carrier and missle

-Nuclear Plant Research time: 10 turns Cost: $10000.00 Billion Researches Nuclear missle.

Economic Branch

Economic branch is the part of the goverment that is incharge of bringing it profit and wealth. With this you can purchase new units and upgrades to expand your country and its authority.

-Food Market Cost: $10.00 Billion Income: $10.00 Billion/turn

-Merchants Bank Cost: $50.00 Billion Income: $20.00 Billion/turn

-Oil rig Cost: $200.00 Billion Income: $50.00 Billion/turn

-Low Industry Center Cost: $500.00 Billion Income: $100.00 Billion/turn

-Mid Industry Center Cost: $1000.00 Billion Income: $200.00 Billion/turn

-High Industry Center Cost: $2000.00 Billion Income: $500.00 Billion/turn

-Stock arket Cost: $5000.00 Billion Income: $1000.00 Billion/turn

-Futuristic Marketing Cost: $10000.00 Billion Income: $1500.00 Billion/turn

Chapter 3

Morale: This is the system used to determine the behavior of an army. It works in a manor that states "Morale is indicated by the type of battlefield, weather conditions, and Strength of the enemy". This is indicated by percentage out of 100%. The lower the morale, the more disorganized a unit is leading to more casualties. This will be determined by the admin, who will analyse the battle itself to see for this.

System: The battle system is the same of that found in the other Battleground games. You simply multiply your army strength with its att/def depending on the conditions, and take 2 digits off thus stating the number of casualties it inflicted upon the enemy.
Weather: Weather or climate affects battles dramatically due to the defender knowing the climate better then the attacker. This can lead to ambushes, or even withdrawal before the battle starts.



Chapter 4

-Purchasing weapons: Purchasing weapons is simple, just go to the world market. Each weapon costs alot and in order to buy them you buy them by the thousands. The following are the ones available through research:


-M14 Costs: $10.00 Billion/10000 $50.00 Billion/50000 and it goes in this pattern on as do the

-AK-47 Costs: $50.00 Billion/10000 $100.00 Billion/50000

-M16 Costs: $100.00 Billion/1000 $200.00 Billion/50000


-Patrol Boat Costs: $10.00 Billion/50 $50.00 Billion/100

-Frigate Costs: $50.00 Billion/30 $100.00 Billion/60

-Destroyer Costs: $100.00 Billion/10 $200.00 Billion/20

-Cruiser Costs: $200.00 Billion/5 $300.00 Billion/10

-Missle frigate Costs: $400.00 Billion/5 $500.00 Billion/10

-Carrier Costs: $1000.00 Billion/1 $2000.00 Billion/2

-Submarine Costs: $500.00 Billion/1 $1000.00 Billion/2


-K1A1 Costs: $100.00 Billion/100 $200.00 Billion/200

-Challenger II Costs: $200.00 Billion/50 $300.00 Billion/100

-Leopard 2 A6m Costs: $300.00 Billion/50 $400.00 Billion/100

-M1 Abrams Costs: $400.00 Billion/50 $500.00 Billion/100


-MIG Costs: $100.00 Billion/50 $200.00 Billion/100

-B 51 Costs: $100.00 Billion/10 $200.00 Billion/20

-Sucoi Costs: $200.00 Billion/50 $300.00 Billion/100

-F15 Tomcat Costs: $300.00 Billion/50 $400.00 Billion/100

-F18 Hornet Costs: $400.00 Billion.50 $400.00 Billion/100

-Apache Costs: $200.00 Billion/50 $300.00 Billion/100

-B 29 Costs: $50.00 Billion/50 $100.00 Billion/100

Creating an army: Creating an army is fairly simply since they come by classes. Infantry,
navy, airforce, and Tank corps as shown by the above. You can recruit an army from your population but in a turn you must show how much your population decreased due to recruitment. For example

Recruit 10000 infantry. -10000 population Total population: 490,000

You can do this depending on your technology, everyone cant start with an army and so must have a period of isolation to build one. This usually only lasts 1 turn do to you earning 5.00 billion per turn already. Armys come by the thousands to simplify battles as the following.

Infantry Costs: $10.00 billion/5000 and double it on as the rest below

Navy crew: $100.00 billion/5000

Airforce crew: $50.00 billion/1000

Tank crew: $50.00 billion/1000

Now your weapons that you buy need crews in them right? Or people to equipt them, so you add your soldiers you recruited to them to create an army. For example you can only add weapons to armys with navy that are navy ships or etc. Also for example 1000 navy crew is added onto 5 destroyers.

Equipt Doiser

Infantry--> 1 weapon for each soldier. Ex 10000 M16s for 10000 infantry class.

Navy--> Patrol boats/10 crew. Frigate/100 crew. Destroyer/500 crew. Cruiser/1000 crew.

Missle frigate/500 crew. Carrier/1000 crew. Submarine/100 crew.

Aircraft-->All fighters have 2 crew. Apache/10 crew. B29 10 crew. B 51 20 crew.

Tanks-->All have 5 crew.

Chapter 5

M14 Att/Def 50

M16 Att/Def 55

Ak 47 Att/Def 65

Patrol Boat Att/Def 500

Frigate Att/Def 1000

Destroyer Att/Def 2000

Cruiser Att/Def 3000

Missle frigate Att 4000 Def 1000

Carrier Att 2000 Def 5000

Submarine Att 4500 Def 1000

K1A1 Att/Def 100

Challenger II Att/Def 120

Leapord A6m Att/Def 150

M1 Abrams Att/Def 200

MIG Att/Def 300

B 51 Att 1000 Def 200

Sucoi Att/Def 400

F15 Att/Def 350

F18 Att/Def 400

Apache Att 500 Def 100

B 29 Att 300 Def 100

V1 Rocket Att 1000 Def 0

V2 Rocket Att 3000 Def 0

Atomic Bomb Att 200000 Def 0

Nuclear Missle 500000 Def 0

Chapter 6

*Follow your Mods. Decisions, and respect him for them.
*You may attack NPC countries.
*Do not make two turns within the 24 hour time period or punishement shall result in the 2 turns not counting.
*Game starts at 7:00 PM (US Est time -5 GMT)
*Make sure your turn is readible and correct.

Turn Example:
Turn- 1
User: Trainus
Economy: (+100.00 billion)
*Food revenue: Build Crop rotation in Tunisia
*Tech: Build Barrack in Belgium
*Economics: Build Stock Market in Malaysia
Recruitment: 10000 infantry, 2000 navy in tunis
Production: buy 1000 ak 47's equipt on 1000 infantry in tunis.
Credits before this turn: 100.00 billion
Credits after: 50.00 billion
This is an example.

By the way Over sea invasion uses the "Board X number of soldiers in a certain vessel being only destroyers, and cruisers that can transport only infantry and tanks". You travel in sea sectors to invade other countries. You can board planes into carriers.

And blockades do not affect economy but unstabalize the cities defence, especially sea defence which can lead to sea invasion.

You start at $20.00 billion credits, 10.000 population per country. NPC's can still advance too. Also regions are countries though countries have 8 urban areas each except NPC's that only have one, the capital, they are still hard to take due to how you invade those eight.

Example: Invade liverpool from Paris? Airborne= Fail?
Invade Dover from Paris? Better


It is really fun, ive played it before. And yes we will have a map

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This game seems like it requires a LOT of management for its host
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