Base Items For Duel


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Does someone know best base items that can be bought in city shop for duel? Or is there a way to filter them in the west calc site?

Lvl 1-60 60-150
Mostly shoot-aim-dodge-appearance

Or vigor-reflex-resilience-aim-(appearance)


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Use BonusSearch from TW-Essentials. You'll be able to check items based upon the skills you want to include. It has a toggle to use those same skills at your current level and at level 150.


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Oh thank you, little hard to search them cause it gives you a list of all items in game and cant be sorted by hat neclacke shoes ecc ecc. But it worked :)


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I'm playing in italian version so better if i put codes here. This is mostly until lv. 70-80, then there are other better items dat i will search when i reach higher lvl.
( In italian version there is 1 month old server, if someone want to join there are like 20 people playing :D:D:D)
If you have suggestions tell me.



Total Bonus

HP 1.04
Appearance 0.65
Shoot 1.65
Aim 1.58
Dodge 1.96



Total bonus

HP 0.50
Vigor 2.11
Reflex 1.75
Thoughness 0.68
Aim 2.16
Appearance 0.75
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Victor Kruger

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Ahh Once Upon Time In The West n all that

Yknow its awful tempting to play the spaghetti western server just once and Hang Em High in The Far Country. I was at The Alamo, The Battle Of Little Big Horn and The Gunfight At The OK Coral. The Lonestar survivor so used to playing Custers Last Stand.

At present im just a High Plains Drifter out on The Open Range and Lonely Are The Brave amongst the Tumbleweeds. However being The Gunfighter that I am, For A Fistful Of Dollars it might be fun and have heard theres a Goldrush out there, the new El Dorado. For A Few Dollars More I could even bring a few Young Guns along. 6 or so would be about right but only True Grit need apply making The Magnificent 7. If I can persuade Shane who is The Last of The Mohicans we could make up The Hateful Eight, Forty Guns would be awsome. Might even become known as The Wild Bunch or The Longriders.. Which of us might be The Good The Bad & the Ugly ? surely some would become Desperados and in such Bad Company the legend carved on peoples Tombstone might say, Once Upon A Time In The West or here lays Johnny Guitar or The Outlaw Josie Wales shot by a Winchester '73. At least itll be known They Died With Their Boots On

Even be it Far And Away with some effort as The Searchers we could im sure find our way. Catch the 3:10 to Yuma or the faster train at High Noon over the Rio Bravo and go from there. Of course could alternatively take the Stagecoach via Red River and Broken Arrow or join The Pilgrims at Fort Apache on a Wagontrain but youd have to Paint Your Wagon on your own .. It is after all How The West Was Won but maybe to Cry Macho is not the best idea. Ive heard its No Country For Old Men and first ive got to deliver these Two Mules For Sister Sarah plus my Blazing Saddles chafing my ass. Its been A Bad Day At Black Rock I can tell you that but Dont Fence Me In. As they say, Death Rides A Horse and im known around these parts as The Pale Rider or more infamously as, The Unforgiven.

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