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Discussion in 'Ideas & Brainfarts' started by Fang Xian, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. Fang Xian

    Fang Xian Guest

    It would be a good idea to get a pertage of interest for having your money in the bank and the more money you have in the bank the more interest you get.
  2. keighlon

    keighlon Guest

    no it wouldnt. that makes the game easier and all cheatyface. then everyone would build the bank up and hoarde cash until they made enough on interest to build up everything else real quick and still have plenty of money left over for stuff.

    now if they TAXED the money you kept in your bank account, THEN things would get interesting. lets say a 5% tax every day that is paid into your town treasury? i think thats fair.
  3. TJHoenecke

    TJHoenecke Well-Known Member

    Oct 8, 2008
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    How about if the town founder could set the tax rate, perhaps no higher than a certain percentage? This could introduce an element of choice and strategy. Do you keep taxes low to attract new members and keep the current ones happy, while perhaps growing more slowly, or do you put taxes high in order to build fast, while risking the ire of your citizens and losing appeal in the eyes of potential new citizens? This would be especially interesting if town leaders could be voted out of office, etc. ;)
  4. Oakley Jones

    Oakley Jones Guest

    Taxes = No !! I will not support them in any form . (that is a bold period)

    Interest on bank deposits is at about 33% . That's the amount You make for not having it on You when You're "Dueled" . I think that is more than fair enough .
  5. madkill

    madkill Guest

    AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!..Why would a bank give more interest the more money you put in?..Do you have NO idea of how interest works?..

    However I like the idea of Interest, if it was a 3.4% Interest gain then that would be nice, it would also encourage people to upgrade their banks as well.

    I don't think having the interest at a high rate would be useful because its illogical.:indian:
  6. Ulthor

    Ulthor Guest

    3.45 per annum would be so insignificant as to be pointless. Does anyone intend to play this game for a year?
  7. Talamare

    Talamare Well-Known Member

    Oct 18, 2008
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    No one had 'annuals' in mind Ulthor
    Id bet they were considering a daily insterest thing, maybe even weekly

    Interest and Taxes are both bad ideas regardless
  8. madkill

    madkill Guest

    forced taxes yes, interest?..I think it would give people more of an incentive to invest in building up the bank.
  9. keighlon

    keighlon Guest

    interest is stupid. its abuseable. taxes arent. they make the game more fun because you gotta decide if you want to put your money in the bank and guarantee a small loss every day or risk keeping it in your pocket and getting robbed. MORE FUN. dont whine about you namby pamby little whiney baby cryin baby whinney brats about oh no the dueller ate my cheesesteak and robbed my panty pockets whatever grow up and play for real like its fun. fo sho. TAX EM ALL!

    buncha babies.
  10. sdjx22

    sdjx22 Well-Known Member

    Sep 26, 2008
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    I think interest is a bad idea. Would just make the rich richer.

    As for taxes, whilst I think town taxes are a bad idea, I'd be quite happy to see a bank tax. A small percentage of banked money each day is taken (just leaves the game, I wouldn't want to see it go into the treasury). That way, you have a choice. You can carry cash on you and risk being duelled for it, or you can bank it for a small daily fee. Think of it like you are hiring a safety deposit box, and it won't seem so harmful.
  11. Ulthor

    Ulthor Guest

    These are all bad ideas. Watering them down so that they are almost ineffective makes them less bad but it doesn't make them good.
  12. John Rose

    John Rose Guest

    Bad bad bad ideas.

    Let's give them the merciful blow to the heart and be done with this thread.
  13. keighlon

    keighlon Guest

    babies. big old babies.
  14. d.mcfarlane

    d.mcfarlane Guest

    If you want a tax organise it yourself: thats what we do in Nevada City(world 3)
    I like the sound of interest because it would help junior players, perhaps more interest the lower your level?
  15. Sawyer1

    Sawyer1 Guest

    This is a very good idea.

    The only thing I would add is that you pick who to tax.
    It would be mean to tax builders (like me) who may be saving what money they make for a new bow tie. or Lincolns Top Hat. :)
  16. deepblue

    deepblue Guest

    banks at low levels dont hold much money, i joined my town early and haven't touched the $80 i put in there...but i have donated £371 to date to my town and im lvl 12...all the bank is there for is to protect a little of your money, the rest goes on items and any thing elce is a waste so that gets donated to save it from another guy taking it

    so onto intrest...well there to little in there to make it profitable
    onto tax... your town would like it...but so much of your money goes there, makes no change(just forces you to donate)
  17. madkill

    madkill Guest

    Care to Elaborate?

    Its abusable because it allows someone to get richer?..No that would be the point.

    Its abusable because people would just put loads of money in the bank and then stick the interest in the town treasury?..That is just one of the many ways of using it.

    Interest of 3.5% on a weekly basis would not be much at all.

    5000 in the bank, with 3.5% interest = 175 per week.
    I don't see that as something bad, the interest is automatically set in stone and would not be adjustable.

    At some point the Admins could increase/decrease it whenever they pleased and it would be a global thing and of course, if you reach the bank limit then you will not gain any more interest.

    Taxes I'll have no comment in, forced taxes aren't always the best of ideas, especially for new players.
  18. Ulthor

    Ulthor Guest

    If someone has $5000 do they really need to be richer? [anyway is there anybody out there with $5000 that they don't intend to spend imminently?]
    If someone has $5 do they really need this?
    If this is supposed to be realism then the interest rate should be 3.5 per year.
    Just completely unnecessary.
  19. madkill

    madkill Guest

    game time passes by faster than ours, there is realism, then there is pointless realism.

    Is it really up to you to decide how much money people should have?
    If someone wants to invest such a small amount like $5, thats their choice
    It is to be realistic, but since it is a game, it would be weekly instead.
    A lot of ideas aren't exactly 'necessary' either, but people may still want them so the option is always there should they choose to take it.
  20. Ulthor

    Ulthor Guest

    Well that argument applies to any daft idea. Building spaceships, charging to go to the toilet, having a pet mongoose.
    In a different game interest would be a good feature [indeed i have designed a game that has interest!] but on this one it seems pretty pointless. Do you hold lots of money for ages?
    I take your point that maybe in gametime a week is a year though.