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Discussion in 'World 7' started by Asura.demon, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. Asura.demon

    Asura.demon Guest

    How can I have an bank account in the game to safe keep my money?:eek:
  2. You have to belong to a town.
  3. Moonsc

    Moonsc Guest

    You need to be a member of a town.
  4. Jord456215

    Jord456215 Guest

    Once you join a town, you will be able to keep your money safe. For every level the bank is you can deposit more into your account.
  5. What happens to your money if you change towns? Can you deposit money into your account at any town just like an interact machine?
  6. nakshtrap

    nakshtrap Guest

    yes, the money travels with u
  7. nakshtra

    nakshtra Guest

    right now as u r not the member of any town..there is very little no one can duel wid you..hence cannot lose money...

    though u may lose if u get injured while doing work i.e. u lose all health points..but it doesnt happen generally especially at low levels...
  8. Onyx

    Onyx Well-Known Member

    Sep 23, 2008
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    When you leave a town your money will be returned to you and you carry it around until you join another town and deposit it in your new town's bank.

    You can only put money in the bank while you are in your town, just like shopping or while sleeping. You cannot use any towns bank.
  9. nakshtrap

    nakshtrap Guest

    u can only carry around the money in your Bank acc, not the money u deposit in the Treasury
  10. anhlong1122

    anhlong1122 Guest

    u cant take out the money from the bank
  11. nashy19

    nashy19 Nashy (as himself)

    Dec 12, 2008
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    Yes you can.
  12. well when you buy something the money is auto-withdrawn...but you can't manually withdraw
  13. nakshtrap

    nakshtrap Guest

    i do wish i could reply to a post before u David

    there is a way to manually withdraw money, que to sleep and cancell it immediately
  14. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    A tip: when you leave town, don't join another town until you're actually at the town, so you aren't carrying around your life savings 2 hours from your town just waiting to be dueled.
  15. anhlong1122

    anhlong1122 Guest

    this is my point

    thanks a lot