Bandits Hideout and Named Guns

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Shall the below idea about Bandits Hideout & named guns be passed to the Developers?

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  1. Yes,

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  1. Proposal

    The bandits hideout is a dungeon where people can play against NPCs as in a fort battle. Since you can have duels with NPC, why not have fort battles with NPCs too? Named guns will be Aura Guns(fort weapons) that will give a higher boost than the normal Guns ( that means skill points added, so fort weapons will finally give a better boost).

    Current Workaround


    Bandits hideout :
    The bandits hideout is a dungeon where you can play against NPCs as in a fort battle. You can fight every saturday/sunday between 8 PM(time server)-9 PM(time server). You have 4 hours to register the fight(between 3:59 PM(time server) - 7:59 PM(time server). There will be a hideout in the middle of every region so you won't have to travel a long distance as in the fort fights. The skills used in fort fight are the same of the skills used in the attacking of a fort. Depending of your level you will be automaticly registred in a dungeon level so your enemy is almost equal to you.
    If you want to play with your friends only during the week you can go to a hideout while wearing as a product key one or key two(remember you need the quest Clothes make the men finished) and there will be an option open hideout and after that you and your friends(or random people) can play in the dungeon. Even if you can do it daily and every hour you have a register time of only 30 minuts so you have to be sure that everyone is near the hideout.
    You can fight in a dugeon once a week so no one can exploit from it.

    Dungeon's levels&system:
    -Level 1 : 20-39
    -Level 2 : 40-59
    -Level 3 : 60-79
    -Level 4 : 80-99

    The dungeon system will be the same as a fort battle . The attackers will be in blue and will be normal players . The defenders will be in red and will be NPC’s . You will have to defeat 28 NPCs (one of them is a boss) to can successful finish the dungeon . The dungeon will be in rounds . You will advance and attack the same as in the fort battles . You have exactly one hour to finish the dungeon . If in an hour no attacker gets on the treasure symbol , then the defenders(NPC) wins the battle , BUT if only one attacker gets in that point , attackers wins the battle.
    Note: After signing up (selecting a place from where to start) you cannot leave that place .

    NPCs and formulas:

    The NPCs will have a bandit image and will have random bandit names . The name of the boss could vary from dungeon to dungeon , or be just “Henry Starr” .
    The NPC's damage will be given by the formula : Dungeon level* 40*X (where X is a number between 1 and 2,5).
    The Boss's damage will be given by the formula : Dungeon level*100*X (where X is a number between 1 and 2,5).
    The NPC's life will be given by the formula : Dungeon Level * 150*X(where X is a number between 1 and 2,5) .
    The Boss's life will be given by the formula : Dungeon level*1000*X (where X is a number between 1 and 2,5).

    What will be the reward ? Legendary guns ! After successfully finishing the dungeon you will get experience points depending on the damage and passed-out NPCs and for the survivors they will have a 5% chance to get a legendary gun. The first one to get on the treasure symbol will have a higher chance to get it, around 8%.
    Legendary guns and where do they drop:
    -Level 1 (20-39) Corvinus' Harquebus; Patrick's Rifle
    -Level 2 (40-59) Thompson's Musket; John's Shotgun
    -Level 3 (60-79) Jefferson's Percussion Rifle; Ferguson's Breech-loader
    -Level 4 (80-99) Ferguson's Breech-loader; Browning's Winchester

    Every name used for the guns is linked to it . For stample , Browning John invented the Winchester and the Shotgun . Captain Patrick Ferguson of the 71st Highlanders, who was once described as one of the best shots in England was one of the best breech-loader’s shooters and one of the best rifle users.
    The damage of the weapons will be raised by developers , because I don’t want to imbalance the game . But one thing those weapons give , are the skill points . Every weapon will give a skill point bonus that will help on fort battles : aiming , reflex , hiding , leadership and others . But in a very low proportion . For example , the Browning’s Winchester will give a maximum of +3 Aiming +1 Reflex . But again , is the developers choice .

    Abuse Prevention

    Visual Aids

    An example of how the hideout should look can be found here: .
    For an example of how the legendary guns should look:
    For an icon to the bandits' hideout, please follow the link:


    With the dungeon system players will enjoy more the ideea of fort battles and they will train for the official battles. In the other hand, newbies will learn how useful fort battles are.

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    Is this idea appear on any of the Previously Suggested Ideas List? Yes/No

    View Poll Results: Shall the below idea about Bandits Hideout & named guns be passed to the Developers?
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    Not yet... it just needs more fine tuning [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 8 22.22%
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  2. Block240

    Block240 Guest

    One of the better proposed ideas, I'd guess.

    Hopefully enough, someone will check this.
  3. lawpaok

    lawpaok Guest

    Very good idea indeed!
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  4. This is an awesome idea. It would make a really fun battle, give out new stuff and give an easy way to introduce new stuff... I like it :D
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  5. grimhunter

    grimhunter Guest

    maybe if there was just one fort weapon and it could be found on any job but very low chances so anyone could get lucky
  6. b00k

    b00k Guest

    I am always skeptical when I read ideas, but this one blew me away. You even demonstrate how everything will look like. A few days ago I was thinking why they weren't any named guns. You gave suggestions for 7 different guns all connected with real life people.

    It's a very good idea how the system of the fort battle can be transformed into a teamplay run against NPCs. You have my vote here, though such elaborate ideas are very difficult to implement.
  7. turda

    turda Guest

    I love it! I think it's brilliant. The dungeon is awesome :)
  8. JoxerTM

    JoxerTM Guest

    This would be a boredom breaker in the game, you got me on your side.
  9. Macky55

    Macky55 Guest

    Ye man definitely a great idea :)
  10. Thanks for the pros guys :) .
  11. futurama1001

    futurama1001 Well-Known Member

    Feb 28, 2010
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    Good idea. Let's vote already :)
  12. Aries22

    Aries22 Guest

    Nice little idea, seem a bit like NPC battling. Not sure about the rewards, they seem a bit excessive and potentially unbalancing. The rest looks good.
  13. Well , it is an NPC battling . But it can be a big challenge for high level players , maybe a bigger challenge than fighting with real people .
    Well , the reward will going to be experience points depending on the dungeon's level , damage dealt and passed-out enemys , lots of cash , items for the very lucky persons and a named gun for the first one to get in the treasure symbol . Since it can be done just once a week and only 1 can have a legendary gun , it is not over the limit :) and about the unbalancing , that's why i let it for the developers because they know the best .

    Thanks for your voting sir .
  14. Very nice idea, one of the best I've seen here lately. :)

    Two minor things however:
    The damage and health points formula for the NPC's isn't what it should be, the NPC's should prove a challenge, which they won't when they've only got 500HP.

    "Every weapon will give a skill point bonus , aiming , reflex , hiding , shooting and others"

    I'd find it logical if fort guns gave fort bonusses, like leadership, hiding, stamina, aim and dodging... :)
  15. akadian007

    akadian007 Guest

    brillant idea,it makes fort battles more fun
    i like the dungeon idea
  16. You are right . Maybe the formula should be *2 original formula . So , 1000 HP would be kind of enough . Same for the boss , about 5000 health wouldn't be easy :) .

    Yes , you are right , Fort battles should give fort bonusses :) . I will edit it :) .
    Thanks for voting guys .
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  17. Yes I agree. Fort battles would be more fun this way.
  18. b00k

    b00k Guest

    More like. If you step on it you have a teeny tiny chance to get a legendary weapon. 1 legendary weapon a week and we will have too many players wielding them. The rewards may be different not only guns.
  19. grimhunter

    grimhunter Guest

    no i think he means the battles can be done once a week and only one person can hold the legendary weapon
  20. b00k

    b00k Guest

    I know what he means. I simply disagree with the proposal, because I believe a named weapon as a definite reward every time the dungeon is complete is a bit too much.