Backpack limitation and horse-overhaul

Discussion in 'Ideas & Brainfarts' started by VinWij, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. VinWij

    VinWij Guest

    On the dutch forum, there has been a lot of discussion about the future possible limitation for the backpack. Obviosly, a lot of players disagree, but I don't. I do however see an oppertunity to add some more depth to gameplay, and to remove a rather shallow one now.

    We should limit the backpack. Let's say 20 spaces, because that'll be enough for the horseless-period of the game (only the beginning).

    Buying an animal will increase the amount of spaces available. Currently, horses only add speed. Naturally, everyone just wants the best one, making all the rest useless.

    Consider this list of animals for purchase, and their effect on the player. Also remember that this is a discussion, and that the list may change.

    Cost: 250$
    Pack: +50 spaces
    Speed: +0%

    Cost: 500$
    Pack: +60 spaces
    Speed: +10%

    Cost: 250$
    Pack: +30 spaces
    Speed: +40%

    Work-Horse (give me a good English word here)
    Cost: 500$
    Pack: +40 spaces
    Speed: +35%

    Cost: 500$
    Pack: +20 spaces
    Speed: +60%

    Quarter Horse:
    Cost: 750$
    Pack: +20 spaces

    The basic concept is to stick to 6 horses, divided in 3 classes. Every class has a low and a high quality one:
    - Haulers
    Mule and Donkey
    Low speed, High volume

    - Mid-way
    Pony and Work-Horse
    Mid speed, Mid volume

    - Fast Transport
    Mustang and Quarter Horse
    High Speed, Low Volume

    This will allow players to choose what they want. Duellist may want a high speed horse since they only carry weapons and equipment for 1 or 2 jobs, and do hit and run operations. Adventurers will carry lots of equipment for different jobs.

    This division will allow some pretty interesting follow-up ideas, which I may or may not post later on. First let's see the reception of this idea.
  2. OxoTower

    OxoTower Guest

    The horse idea has already been brought up before on here
  3. nightninja

    nightninja Guest

    not work-horse it's white horse
  4. sdjx22

    sdjx22 Well-Known Member

    Sep 26, 2008
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    I like the idea of having to decide which one to choose, and having to give up something (be it speed or space) to gain something else. I can't help thinking that pretty much everyone would go for the high volume ones, seeing as speed isn't all that important on a game of this type.
  5. Jesse James

    Jesse James Guest

    Do we really need this? :huh:
  6. Puli

    Puli Guest

    Bag limitation is going to be implemented already. Look at changes for year 2009
  7. VinWij

    VinWij Guest

    Exactly Puli, and that's going to cause a lot of annoyance among many players. Most people questioning this idea probably don't realize the impact yet. Enjoy your cramping pockets, Jesse. :laugh:

    Night-ninja, the white horse is already in. But I was looking for a strong horse that drags plows, and I can't remember white horses being that type of horse. I could be wrong, I'm no expert :).

    Sdjx, it's true speed is only marginally important. That's why the effect may have to be made stronger: reduce walking-speed by 50%, and double the percentages I mentioned here. Then it will make a serious difference, and that's what we want.
  8. Draught horse possibly
  9. sdjx22

    sdjx22 Well-Known Member

    Sep 26, 2008
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    Vin, definatly a good idea then. As long as there is a definate 'hard decision' to make, then it will improve this linear game somewhat.
  10. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    There are already plans to limit backpack space, but your suggestion is a little bit more complicated. As far as your suggestion goes, it's fine if you aren't riding it, but a riding saddle and a pack saddle are not even remotely the same thing. You should be able to equip one or the other, not both, and if the pack saddle is equipped, you lose your speed bonus.

    Adding a separate inventory for your animal(s) would be the way to go. Click the animal and you have more spaces. If the animal is equipped I would say you get no extra space, in consideration of the fact that a riding saddle is equipped, unless you get a small bonus for saddle bags.

    The other possibility is that you have to lug around your pack saddle when you're using the riding saddle, but then again, they plan on implementing space limitations, not weight limitation. If that was the case, carrying 5 blocks of granite or 24 wood for a quest would be completely impossible.

    For planned 2009 changes, see this thread
  11. sdjx22

    sdjx22 Well-Known Member

    Sep 26, 2008
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    I don't think the intention is to make the backpack/saddle bags whatever completely realistic, just to make it MORE realistic.
  12. You're taking something un-complicated and making it complicated ... that is not in the nature of the Developers ...

    I don't understand the Devs reasoning behind backpack limitations ... but 50 should be enough ... 30 is not enough for your average player.
  13. d.mcfarlane

    d.mcfarlane Guest

    I love this idea! draught (DRAFT) horses not work-horses
    makes the game fun-do i ride fast or medium or carrry a ton
  14. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    Either way, they better fix the stackable items not stacking bug before they implement the change. That would be annoying to lose items because your products weren't stacked.
  15. Nyx Chotica

    Nyx Chotica Active Member

    Nov 30, 2008
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    Rather have a Clydesdale as a option instead of a mule. Backpack space suggested is way to big, 20 spaces would allow (once stacking bugs fixed) you to have alot, or are you talking about having 20 items? 20 spaces would allow 20 items per space (depending on the product).
  16. Terror Inc.

    Terror Inc. Guest

    I am a dueler, and I use MAYBE eight spaces on average... so I don't think this would really affect me all that much... =P
  17. Azuk

    Azuk Guest

    I personaly think they should make Saddles another item of clothing and different one grant different bonus's
  18. what kind of bonuses azuk?

    and it is possible to have a saddle and bagpack (thing forgot the name) on the horse. i've seen it or maybe i'm confusing that with elephants. lol!
  19. Azuk

    Azuk Guest

    Not sure of what bonus's but it would seem a more logical step for me rather than changing the mounts themselves.
    • increase in speed
    • increase in backpack space
    • allow you to carry a campbed so you can sleep for free but with a reduced recovery rate to that of a hotel?
    I'm sure someone can come up with some good ideas
  20. VinWij

    VinWij Guest

    Giving animals a seperate inventory would allow you to create convoy's. Very interesting, although I wonder how hard such an implementation would be.

    The idea of saddlebags is nice too, although it removes the difference between the animals a bit. Nobody would use a speed-donkey if they can get a mustang with saddlebag that's even faster for about the same price.

    I wonder what development thinks about this...