Background Music (in browser) for "The West" in-browser game.

Should Music or sound effects be added to the game?

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Roy Westfall

New Member
I was thinking of an older western-style set of voted upon choices type or sort of MIDI-files that could be pre-loaded from the server upon log in and also able to be muted if liked/desired by each player playing the game vote-able after the greenhorn/new player stage is complete. This way each player has the entertainment choice of "white-noise" or music per se' in the background just like any other multi-player game and thus making this possibly a more attractive or even more entertaining experience for the user/player.
There are an array of various ways to approach the matter but being a "brain fart" category it'll probably be ignored or dismissed if not voted upon by a larger crowd so as to incur attention to game designers/I.T., here's an example of FREE-Midi files...

any idea's?

Good idea or not?