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[B]Transfers Welcome at Western Springs!!!![/B]


Travelers from other worlds are welcome to join us in Western Springs. We are #40 in town ranking and accept players of all levels.

This fully built town owns its own fort and is a member town in 14 others ranging from small to large. It is friendly town that has been running for nearly two years. Everything except the church is fully built.

Builders who would like to help work on the church are certainly welcome and the town funds all building, so you can keep your money for other things. We have nicely stocked stores and an active town-to-town and town-to-alliance market.

Western Springs is a member town of the Phoenix Reborn alliance, an active alliance with forts in nearly every sector of the map.

Come join us either permanently or while you're getting settled in Arizona. Telegram WmCody, lowrie or bettyboop007 for an invitation. We have 34 open spots.