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Idea title: Add a new function to the account manager, where we can "mark" our accounts as "awaiting migrations".

Details of idea: When a world dies, we stop logging in or go on Vacation Mode. Over time the account gets deactivated and eventually deleted. If we want to stop our account from getting deleted, while we wait for inno to pull their finger out and talk about Migrations, we have to remember to log in every so often and reset the deletion timer. A better way to do this, from the player's perspective, would be to simply mark this character as "awaiting migrations", which permanently keeps your character in a deactivated state and protects it from being deleted - ready to be revived at a moments notice when Migrations Routes are opened.

(low budget) Visual Aid:

Reasons for submitting: So we don't have to keep logging into dead worlds to keep our accounts from getting deleted, while we wait for migrations.
Furthermore, this gives a solid indication to Inno about how many players are awaiting migrations from a certain world, to better inform the decision making process and not just take the word of the people who play their game.
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I've been told this many times, it's just a game.
Let's examine this,
1. Members of a Community (world) giving up doesn't require any action on inno's part.
2. Effectively when entering the game. certain risks are evident. ie worlds will go dead.
3. This game is comparable to gambling, investments will be made which "can" amount to a total loss.
4. Any world can be revived, but it takes effort and the community to do so.
5. New worlds are started every year, in the October time frame.
6. inno is a business.
7. If you use 1 namesake, there are certain benefits which apply.
8. The game is about challenge and adventure, which includes starting anew when new worlds open up.
8. Migration might be unfair, giving advantage to certain players over others.
Bottom line, if you can't keep a world active, then invest into a new one.
Remember, it's just a game.

roland jacobs

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The issue I see with migration is the accumulation and therefore upgrades of gear. If a player has chars in multiple worlds, they can migrate to the new world, transfer their gear/products to a friend (or a diff account) and then have an accumulation of all their chars in one world (except the upgraded stuff).

I did a similar process when migration was open in 2011/2, but only from 1 world to a different world. Also, it wasn't as insidious because gear couldn't be upgraded and products weren't dropping at 15 items an hour.

Members of a Community (world) giving up doesn't require any action on inno's part.
8. The game is about challenge and adventure, which includes starting anew when new worlds open up.

This is why lumpy is totally incorrect - it's inno's actions with poor product decisions that caused 1000s of players to leave, contributing to dead worlds. Opening a new world every october makes it worse, An adventure is something you do the first or maybe second time, doing the same thing year over year is not an adventure.
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Inno has done a lot of work to keep the game interesting, again it's all inno's fault?
You seem to have selected and applied "opinion" to some of the facts that I have made, which I intended to open a dialogue rather than be dismissed as "stupid."
I've been around the game for many years and most people that I've communicated with quit the game because of drama and the hostile environments that occassionally appear with the communities. If you look up the many research studies done on gaming, that is the #1 reason people leave gaming worlds, as well as being the most recommended and suggested remedy when encountering questionable or hostile actions within gaming platforms. Research OGD Addiction.
I've deleted all of the worlds that I don't wish to play, but if I didn't they would still be available just by opening them when I wished. Been there done that.
What I'm basically trying to say is,
There is no need for inno to make a, awaiting migration tab. I'm also trying to see it from inno's perspective.
Ya don't like my opinion, that's ok, just be nice about it.


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Inno have made a series of terrible decisions for many years that can be clearly pointed to as reasons for players quitting, your opinion feels so ignorant of what all players have dealt with it's almost like you haven't played or been involved with the community at all. So yes I called what you said stupid as I believe it was deserved. In fact seeing your reply I am even more confident in that judgement.

That is the lowest form of communication, deragatory and offensive. Also violates the forum rules.

Ironic to not only be massively out of touch with the game & it's community but also calling for people to be punished by exaggerating negative replies you receive, very classy.

If someone told me Inno paid you to paint them in a good light I'd believe them, but as usual Inno fumbles the bag and earn more hate :D


Where did I call for someone to be punished?
I wouldn't work for inno, I just like this game.
Again, ya don't like my opinion, cool, just be nice about it.
All I did initially was post reasons why this might not be implimented.

I'm trying to observe these standards, if I cross the line, please remind me, with explaination, and I'll make corrections and apologize.
Etiquette is the set of conventional rules of personal behaviour in polite society, usually in the form of an ethical code, or agreed upon rules, that delineates the expected and accepted social behaviours that accord with the conventions and norms observed by a society, a social class, or a social group.

One of the ingame mads had said that if you want to be a part of the decision making process, then players should participate in the forums, I'm taking his suggestion and expressing my opinions here.
I personally think this thread has been very productive so far.