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rice farmer

ah, i see.

HS, how long did it take for you to make those pretty little pictures?


I don't know, some of them not very much time at all.

Here you are: Westworld - Yul Brynner

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Red Falcon

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Wow! These are some amazing people recreations! I never knew the new Avatars on The West could be useful for more than just showing off your character. Hmm...I might try and create one or two of these...If I feel like it...



Futu, get to da chooooopaaaa !!! :laugh:

PS : i know, kinda offtopic, but i couldn't resisted :p (actually i'm using this avatar since they introduced the feature... and ofc is my creation)


I know, you don't like gravediggers

I posted my version of Doc Holliday a few months ago, but the image has disappeared, so I will post it again I don't find it :( . I only have his female version. And also my version of the good guy with no name, I guess you know who I mean...


Face! Shot

Can you stick your own phot-face short on their with a selfy lol