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    Dear Cowgirls and Cowboys,

    Today, we would like to share important information with you regarding your game and forum accounts.

    In a few weeks from now (It will not commence before 10th of July), the following changes will be implemented:

    • We will begin automatically deleting accounts that did not log into the game or the forum for at least 12 months.
    • When removing a game account, the associated forum account will also be deleted. This identification is done by the username.
    • Forum account names will be changed if the associated game account name changes for any reason.
    This means that having different names on the forums and in the game will only be possible by having multiple game accounts that need to be actively used. Which means they need to log in at least once every 12 months in the game or forum to avoid the automatic deletion.

    If your game and forum account names do not have the same user name, it may happen that you will receive a deletion request for the forum account, because another player's game account with the same username was marked for deletion. To be able to revert an accidental deletion request, there is a 7 day period before the actual deletion of the accounts takes place. This deletion cannot be reversed! After an account has been scheduled for deletion (by a player or automatically) a private message will be automatically sent to the associated forum account. If you receive this message and did not initiate the deletion request please contact support immediately!

    In short:

    • If you do not have a forum account, all is good. You only need to be aware that we are deleting inactive game accounts after 12 months automatically.
    • If your game and forum account have the same name, all is good. You only need to be aware that we are automatically deleting accounts which have not been active in the game or forum after 12 months.
    • If your forum account differs by username from your game account, please contact support as soon as possible to have your username(s) changed. If you only have a forum account but no game account anymore, please create a new game account with your forum username. If this isn't possible, please contact support.
    • You will be notified on the forum (private message) and via email when your account is about to be deleted. Please make sure your email address is valid.
    • If you ever receive the deletion notification without triggering it yourself, please contact support immediately.
    • Your forum and game account will share the same username and - in case your game nickname changes for any reason - will be synchronized, but the email address and password will be separate.

    Again - the described deletion process will only commence in a few weeks from now (no automatic deletions will take place before July 10th). We will inform you once again when we are nearing its activation.

    If you have any questions, please let us know either via support or in this dedicated forum thread.

    The The West Team