Attributes/Skills calculator


Hello everyone, do you know of a skills/attributes calculator ?

I got some 20points in skills that are just there.

While many calculators tell you about what to use from your inventory, none that I know advises on how to distribute your skills and attributes.

I just keep on buying items and never get to use these points !!!

Thanks to all who give a usefull advice .


There are calculators that advise you on what to wear for which job and what clothes you should buy for better productivity, but there is no calculator that'll advise you on how to distribute your skills and attributes. You have to decide that on your own.

If you still haven't used those points, you still have time to choose one of the pure builds and play alongside that. For this you should read Pure Class Guides. Its pretty long but very useful if you read it completely.

You can also see this to see what jobs are there in the game and what skills they require so you can put your points accordingly. You can also see a list of quests here so you can see what products you'll need in the future and put your points in the jobs for those products.


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hmm...being a pure-class character is not a wise choice, you'll be confined
to a limited range of jobs, also if you focus on quests alone, after getting the products, the points will go waste, as the job can be a poor one, and you'll need loads of cash to shift your points about

it's best tp be a super-skilled player, capable of doing all jobs
there are many such guides in the forum.

or, if these options, dont seem good, then you can just become a pure dueler and rule the world