Asking for union officer to be nerfed every day until it's being nerfed


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well, they clearly said they won't nerf the game will remain in this state for a long time now. the fact that it affects us is just on the superficial side...
underlying damage is much much more bad. they really care about their game :lol:


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Shinny has also been on Colorado since around 2012-2013, it's only normal to have higher stats in the FB rankings :up:


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Eventhough i own Union set, i am all for nerfing it provided that the emphasis on damage as a whole gets taken care of at the same time by altering the ff formula or any other means. The game has been driven by ever increasing damage for hell knows how long. Vast majority of new players that have joined the game last few years (irrespective how small that number is), have chosen a dueler class so they can wet their pants every time they post a crit in battle chat. Also the the emphasis on damage has driven aways other classes from hp builds resulting in non dueler classes opting for LD builds instead.

Considering how neglected the adventurer class has been by INNO regarding fort fight capabilities (compared to usefulness of other classes in fort fights), i don't think anyone should be surprised that people like Shiny have chosen the path that they have chosen. At least adventurers are being noticed rather then being expected to exercise their outdated skills of ghosting that have become a joke in present day and age of OP damage sets and ff formula designed to promote damage only.
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