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Last year I've started to rework some of the articles. This is a time consuming task and I thought I might "steal" some of the articles written on other Wikis such as the French one. I've found French Wiki the most detailed one out there. So The first articole that got reworked is Forts and you can check it out at the link below:
I'd also like to thank @Mysehra from the French Wiki for letting me "steal" their work.
I'm planning on reworking most of the articles as you might already know from my previous posts.
The next article that will get reworked will be Fort Fights and hopefully it will take less time than the first one.

That's all for now if you want to suggest any other articles apart from Forts, Duels, Crafting, Adventures or if you find an important information that you think it must be present on our wiki please let me know either in the Feedback topic or via PM.

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