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Are you paying for Premium ?

Are you paying for Premium ?

  • Yes, I am paying for Premium

    Votes: 68 35.8%
  • No, I am not

    Votes: 122 64.2%

  • Total voters


i will reluctantly buy premium but the choices are poor and on tw £3.60 (gbp) would get you 10 points and thats 2 months

so why on here is £2.40 only gonna get you 10 points for 14 days its a bit of a rip off they should atleast extend it to 30 days just like tw

Son o Norm

Not too poor to have a computer internet connection though ...:laugh:

I don't pay for premium - never paid premium for any online game, but thanks to all of you that do. Without you the games wouldn't exist!:D


I still pay for one premium on the worlds.. and that is energy... although I can see a difference in higher income and class bonus I just can't justify it. This game holds my attention and probably will till I figure out a few more things about it. But the premiums are way too high . I would bet ya dimes to dollars that inno would see more people paying for premium IF they gave it more value...

I know they choose to break the bonuses up so that they could make each stronger as a single then they could offer as a whole package.. but I would definitely rather have a package then the singles


I don't pay for mmos anymore and I've never paid for premium on any browser based game. The system here is better than most and I could do it without getting carried away, as I do in so many things, but I still won't pay for it on principle.


for a game that gives half of what i can get from a full fledged online game like say one that is ran by sony or blizzard which only cost anywhere from $12 to $15 a month for any of the servers they have its a tad high

i do feel if it was lower then maybe more would purchase it


I'm rather surprised that they don't offer a "lifetime" subscription for, say, USD $30.


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They should concider a breakdown such as:

Renew any 1 premium option for-
1 wk: 3 nuggets
2 wk: 5 nuggets
3 wk: 8 nuggets
1 month: 10 nuggets.

Renew any 2 premium options -
1 wk: 7 nuggets
2 wk: 12 nuggets
3 wk: 16 nuggets
1month: 20 nuggets

Any 3 premium options -
1 wk: 10 nuggets
2 wk: 15 nuggets
3 wk: 19 nuggets
1 month: 24 nuggets

All 4 premium options -
1 wk: 15 nuggets
2 wk: 25 nuggets
3 wk: 35 nuggets
1 month: 40 nuggets

Doig this opens the option for those who only want one or two premium options and lets them concentrate on those...but at the same time allows others to take advantage of as many as they want..

By making it available on a decreasing overall cost by time period and options, you raise the likelihood more folks would invest in premium hence making more money overall. And by making it fit into a weekly and monthly purchase/redemption, you are better able to let the customer tailor his/her purchase to financial need.


I'm not paying yet but I probably will be. I'm a sucker for these games. Just getting going but so far it seems to have a bit more variety than some of the other similar ones out there. I'll give it a little more time though before investing any cash. So are the different categories you can buy for more specific to certain play styles or professions?