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Red Tooth

Looking for town to join

InGame Name: Red Tooth
Character Level (XP/XP):
Level 9
Current Residency:
Ain't got none.
Previous Residency:
Never been
Accumulated Contributions:
Never done
Cash/Bank Account:
'bout $500
Highest Attribute:
1st Highest Skill:
2nd Highest Skill:
Setting Traps
3rd Highest Skill:
Animal Instinct
Intended Character Build:
Declared Intentions:
Money. Honestly, I am more of a loner. Not exactly a big talker, more of a big doer.


New Town

Fort Buford (1866-1895) - Under the command of Bevet Lieutenant Colonel William G. Rankin, Fort Buford began to built in June, 1866 and was named for the late Major General John Buford, a Gettysburg hero.

All are Welcome, stay while & watch us grow!

Contact: Willis Deerborn:cool: